Gaming has become more diverse each year, Indie games on the other hand is the whole universe, you never know what you’re going to see, which is why a lot of people love indie games, in a world where triple A games mostly release the same bland and uninteresting games that people STILL buy, only to complain about how the gaming industry is bad, then buy the next game and complain again, rinse, repeat, like clockwork, there’s also indie games made by people who just want to make the games they would want to play and gamers love them. I have found one however that is completely crazy and completely stupid…and I have no regrets playing it. McPixel, developed by Mikolaj Kamiński (also known as Sos) and was released in 2012. The game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 21, a video game development competition.

So you play as a mysterious and possibly strange man McPixel as he goes to various places and some very odd areas to defuse bombs. The objective of the game is to find a way to defuse it, you can click on items to see what happens or click on stuff and combine another item by clicking on the next item, you have 20 seconds to solve the puzzles, if you fail to solve at this time then that area blows up, if you get the puzzle wrong, the area blows up. It might sound tense but it’s far from it, it’s a comedy game and a lot of bizarre stuff will happen even when you try to solve the puzzles. It’s a very unique game where even if you get the puzzle right or wrong, it’s still hilarious. The game has its own odd humour. You could be on an island, or a school, a volcano, in space, it’s one of those games where you can put situation is any scenario and it will be funny. How you actually play the game is pretty straightforward, you must solve the right puzzles, if you get it wrong, you enter the next scenario of that level until you can play the scenario again, after solving the issues, you can play the levels just to find all the gags to get 100% in each level, get 100% on all levels and you can watch the secret ending.

Even though the game focuses more on the puzzles and the comedy than character development, which is OK for a game made in two days. I’m talking about McPixel himself, you don’t know if he’s a genius, an idiot or way too darn brave, but after seeing the secret ending, which actually ties up this whole experience, it ends up being quite dark, in its own comedic and silly way. This was a game I played back in 2012; I actually got this game via The Pirate Bay…HOLD ON! Before you get angry, the developer promoted it by giving it away for free via The Pirate Bay. But during the Steam Summer Sale last year I brought it as a thank you to the developer for giving me so much fun and laughter. I love this game, it’s one of the funniest indie games ever made, not bad for a game made in 2 days, the humor is completely dumb and crazy but unique enough to still be a memorable and timeless classic.

Are there any issues? Not really, other than the lack of replay value after finishing the game 100% which doesn’t take too long but makes up for it with free DLC, yep, all the downloadable content is free. These ones have different themes from movies to games to various pop culture and user levels. There’s also a level editor but I haven’t tried it out and from what I’ve heard it’s very complex.

Overall, McPixel is a funny time waster with a unique way to solving puzzles, the graphics are 8-bit but the design is still memorable, the music is OK but not too memorable; you can download the soundtrack for free via the official website so it may be for specific tastes and I understand. This is a game I’d recommend to anyone, it’s not too hard to beat, you don’t need any skills at all, just click or tap on your phone and enjoy.

You can get it on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.



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