Random Sega Game Gear Fighting Games



Virtua Fighter Animation – So apparently Virtua Fighter got an anime, and despite being something of hidden substance, it was highly praised so it must be worth a watch. But there was a spin-off game based on the anime, based on the games, Virtua Fighter Animation. It’s an abridged version of the anime with 8-bit fighting. So the story would show up, then you fight someone, then back to the story, then back to fighting. The story is pretty good and also gives you an insight on the characters themselves.


The gameplay is even more basic but somehow allows you to give you much dominant strategies, if a fighter is hard, try kicking him/her off, completely foolproof. This is a game you can finish in about 30-40 minutes, it’s a good enough length for the Game Gear considering the poor battery life. It’s ok but you may just go in it for the story alone because the gameplay is slightly below average at best.


Shaq-Fu – Why? Since I’ve already played the console port. But eh. It has pretty below average graphics with terrible music. As for the gameplay, it’s near enough easier as long as you can exploit your own moves…and it still sucks.


Though it’s a shame it’s not as slow as the PAL console ports and I had to play this port via emulator. Don’t criminalise me, TRY GETTING A WORKING SEGA GAME GEAR! Sorry. By the way, how is that Shaq-Fu 2 game coming along, haven’t heard from since since it was fully backed.


Rise of the Robots – OOOOH if you thought the console ports were bad, the Sega Game Gear port is the absolute worst port. While it’s impressive that it can use some of the 3D graphics (compressed to death), the gameplay is pure garbage. Take the poor gameplay of the console port and butcher whatever was left of it.


So for example, you can exploit one move to win one battle, then get destroyed by a big robot but the sprites are so poor that you never know if he’s ever hitting you. Just…don’t play it. By the way, if you want to see the history of the development and the aftermath of this game, check out Kimble Justice’s video by clicking here, it’s a fantastic piece and shows how games journalism hasn’t learnt it’s lesson today.



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