Top 10 Nintendo DS Games I Want to Get


The Nintendo DS, the next step in gaming handheld, one of the most successful handheld systems of all time, with 154.01 million units sold. I guess many of you know a lot about this so I’ll cut to the chase. Now I’m going to talk about the DSi since that was the one I owned first. Yes, I didn’t have the original DS or even the lite yet, but when the DSi came around I took the opportunity to get one. I remember seeing gameplay for the DS when it was released, I awed in wonder, knowing that this console was far powerful than my Game Boy Advance. Why I brought a PSP first was beyond me, but it took years after that to get one and of course, New Super Mario Bros. was the first game I got for the system. The system’s design was based on the Game & Watch Double Screen and it’s a very comfortable console to hold. Huh, a bit of recycling did the trick, if the design ain’t broken, don’t fix it…to an extent.


10. Dragon Ball: Origins – I know of the story of Dragon Ball Z (I haven’t properly watched Super as of yet), but I’ve barely touched upon Dragon Ball, the first series. Time to find the DVD box sets. If unsuccessful, maybe this game can fill the void.


9. Yoshi’s Island DS – I haven’t played the original Yoshi’s Island but I’m trying to to either get it on Virtual Console on Wii U, somehow get lucky and get a PAL cart for the SNES or get a cheap import copy for the Super Famicom like I’ve done with Super Mario Kart, Kirby Super Star and whatnot. Then it’s Yoshi’s Story and finally this one…and the other two that no one cares about. AND JUST AN UPDATE: I finally got and played Yoshi’s Island for the Super Famicom and a review of it will be posted next month as part of my Sequel Month that I pulled out of my butt.


8. Game & Watch Collection – Ever since I played the Game Boy Gallery on the Game Boy, I’ve taken an interest in Nintendo’s early game systems the Game & Watch. But Nintendo made a collection of these games and released it as a compilation. Problem is, it was released via Nintendo Club (R.I.P.) and because of this, it’s added some extra value to it and I like physical copies. Got to keep an eye out for a decent valued copy.


7. Metal Slug 7 – I love the Metal Slug series and this is another game in the series I’ve been wanting to play for years. I played all 6 (or 7 if you count Metal Slug X) games on my PSP via Metal Slug Collection, so I’ve played nearly all of them in the main games. It’s also released on the PSP and Xbox Live, it doesn’t matter what I get it on, it’s a filler on this list…kind of.


6. Kirby Games – I’m talking about Kirby: Squeak Squad, known in Europe as Kirby: Mouse Attack, Kirby: Canvas Curse, known in Europe as Kirby: Power Paintbrush (WHAT’S WITH THE NAME CHANGES IN EUROPE?), Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby Mass Attack. Now from what I know, these kind of change the formula (Apart from Kirby Super Star Ultra, a remake of Kirby Super Star), I’ve been playing some Kirby games and hopefully by the time I’m done with them, I’ll get to these games.


5. Contra 4 – Europe has bad luck when it comes to the Contra series. They changed them into robots due to some German law (Apart from the home computer ports since the UK thrived on home computers back in the 80’s, home of the PC Master Race), and when Contra was eventually allowed to be Contra, it started out with not-so-good games, and then we didn’t even get Contra 4, only for Japan and in the US. Thank goodness for importing. I know Konami is Konami and Konami is the worst, but it’s freaking Contra.


4. Konami Arcade Classics – Speaking of Konami, there are a series of their arcade games on the DS and it’s hard to find, I already have Contra on Xbox Live. I’d pay good money for it because I really want to get this, I mean I could get these games for Xbox Live but there will be a day when Konami will just delete them so at least this exists. Speaking of which…


3. Namco Museum DS -I PAID £18 FOR NAMCO MUSEUM VIRTUAL ARCADE FOR XBOX 360! So this game really shouldn’t be on this list. So I’m replacing it with…


Retro Game Challenge. Have you heard of a Japanese show called Game Center CX? Well it’s a show where a Japanese comedian Shinya Arino tries to play and beat video games, if you’re a gamer, this is an intense show and I really recommend it. Well there was a game based on the show and whilst it did well in Japan, it didn’t do well in America, which is why there wasn’t an English release for the next two games. You know, if you released it in Europe and marketed it better, maybe you would be raining cash.


2. My Japanese Coach – I really want to learn Japanese for gaming reasons, but it’s a tough language to learn. Maybe this DS game will come cheap as it’s part of a langauge coach series. NOPE! Of course the Japanese Coach game is so popular, it’s expensive. I guess the anime fans need it more than me to understand their waifu. Can’t blame them.


1. Chrono Trigger – Speaking of being BLOODY EXPENSIVE, we have a game that was never released in Europe until so many years later for the DS. All English versions that have been released are expensive. But it’s a game I’ve really wanted to play. The artwork was illustrated by Akira Toriyama, the same guy who created Dragon Ball, so there’s one reason to play this. I mean look at my list, nearly most of these games I find way too expensive to get and when a DS game is too expensive for most or a Japanese game needs playing…then…

R4 CARD.jpg

0. R4 DS Card – Be careful where you get it but I’ve wanted this for years. I know some of you may be a bit antsy about it because it’s technically emulation. I’d like to call it ‘The Last Resort Cartridge’. If you want to play games that are expensive, R4 it. Do you want a game that you don’t know if it’s going to be good or not and you don’t want to buy it and regret it? R4 it. Do you want to play Japanese games that have English translation patches? R4 it. These are the reasons why I want an R4 card.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Nintendo DS Games I Want to Get

  1. Intresting games you have on your want list, a really good and solid list there.

    Metal Slug 7 is really good, the PSP port (Metal Slug XX) has some things changed to it and some people prefer that one. I don’t have Metal Slug XX so I can’t say if it’s better, but I can definitely recommend Metal Slug 7.

    Kirby games and Contra 4 are on my want list too. Did you know that Contra 4 was actually made by WayForward.

    Konami Arcade Classics is really great compilation, but they did make some weird mistake on Gradius where if your region on DS is set to anywhere other than Japan it ramps up the difficult to maximum if you pick up any power-ups.

    I’ve enjoyed Namco Museum DS a lot, I would recommend getting it. Also another game that I would recommend is Bokura No Telebi Game Kentei, which is similar game to NES Remix but with Namco properties and it was made before NES Remix. It’s only in Japanese, but most of the challenges in it are easy to figure out with 1-2 tries.

    Retro Game Challenge/Game Center CX is awesome game, I have all 3 Game Center CX games and I enjoy them a lot. The 2nd game is the best one.

    I’m really surprised that My Japanese Coach is so expensive, I found it from a fleamarket a few years ago for cheap so I have never really looked at how much people are asking for it. I should really put some time to it, so that I would learn Japanese.

    I have a flashcard for my DS, bought it used and it was really cheap. Not all games work on my flashcard. I’m having trouble understandin why you think having a flashcard is technically emulation, since it’s nothing like emulation. If you were to play DS games on PC, that’s when it’s emulation, a flashcart is something that allows people to play pirated games. But flashcarts also allow for playing homebrew. Lately I’ve been playing Nintendo DS Demos a lot with my flashcart, since some people have dumped the roms of kiosk demos. But yeah, playing games with translation patches and trying out games before buying is something I have done as well, one of the most expensive games that I have bought was Ketsui Death Label, and I had to try it out on my flashcard before buying to make sure it would be worth the price, it was and I have not regretted buying it.

    1. Thanks for reading. Yeah, these are games I really want to play. As for the flash card, I recently brought a used one too, but I need to get a 2GB micro SD card for it to work because for some reason the one that was included didn’t work.

      1. Did you put all the latest files and firmware to the flashcard. Also try to take out the card and put it back and try again, I have had some problems with my DS not always finding the flashcard.

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