I Tried some Sega Master System Games


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – A sequel that was released before the Mega Drive version, this game takes what worked in the first game and makes it ten times worse, it’s not a very good game and don’t listen to the critics. The gameplay when Sonic is running and platforming is very good, but then we get gimmicks so bad and they absolutely kill the game. First, we have the hang glider, it’s so poor to control and can be a brain teaser to figure out. Though I did manage to figure out how to do it, just make sure when Sonic is in the air, make sure he is center and not turning, you can turn but only if he’s going slightly down.


The bubble shield in the water levels aren’t too bad but the water levels themselves are awful, at times Sonic is uncontrollable. The bosses are good but of course you don’t get any rings so you’ll never beat most of the bosses because the controls and physics are broken. Then Mt. Gimmick is awful with the wheels to spin on, it’s a complete mess. Though the graphics are great for a Master System game and the music is superb but the gameplay is a near hit and miss.


Xenon 2 Megablast – So this is a port of an Amiga game, a shoot ’em up made by The Bitman Brothers. By the fifth second of the gameplay I knew this was going to be terrible. The framerate chugs so badly, it’s incredibly slow, the music is overly repetitive and it takes ages to shoot down enemies.


There was one point where I got stuck and I couldn’t get out, when I died, I respawned at the place where I got stuck, an instant game over spot. And upon trying again, I haphazardly pressed down and I could go back down. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT FIRST TIME??? So I assume the original Amiga port is a lot better but the Master System is just awful.


Disney’s Aladdin – Since I took a look at the SNES port, which is fantastic, I haven’t played the Mega Drive port because I haven’t got the game. Then I played the NES port which is god awful. Is the Master System port fare any better? No. There are three types of levels: auto running levels where you run from enemies and jump over obstacles, Prince of Persia levels with the same controls and that carpet level in lava which is easy because you get food once in a while. And they all suck.


Along with unskippable cutscenes that go on for way too long, in fact, the game could be completed in half an hour but because of the cutscenes it’s going to be an hour. The difficulty is also cheap, there are moments where boulders will drop out of nowhere and when you get hit, you stop for a moment and go back to the game, but jump over something like a hole and you stop and when you can move, you will drop and die.


But it’s not the controls that brake this game, I think it’s the controller itself, because the Master System’s controls, especially the direction pad is so gummy and stiff, you can’t make any precise movements, it just makes the game hard and near unplayable if you’re not using an emulator. Another bad port of a series of Aladdin games.


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