I Tried some NES Games

So this is going to be a thing. This is where I will try out some games, about two or three games a blog post. I’ll hopefully be doing this where you’ll get these posts and next week you’ll see a proper review. This is mostly to save time and I’m able to play games I really want to play, so if I try out a game, it may mean I don’t have to spend time on it and thus, I don’t have to make a detailed review on it, they’re just going to be summaries and not full reviews, mostly my experiences. With that said, let’s start with:
Samurai Zombie Nation: So we have a shooter where you play as a giant headless man named Namakubi as he wakes up and save the world from zombies and a meteor known as Darc Seed from taking over the world…by destroying buildings and shoot down people…ok? So we have a one-man STAG initiative (Click here to get the joke).
The only thing that completely stops me is a laser…from the background…yeah, it’s stupid and it’s the only thing that keeps me from progressing. But I still enjoy it nonetheless for how bizarre it is, despite unable to finish it.

Predator: From a difficult game to an utterly crap game where we play as Dutch, played in the movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger who is dressing in pink, because if you want to camouflage in the jungle WEAR BLOODY PINK! So first, get the gun at the corner behind you because putting the gun at the front is too hard to program. So you can shoot a rock…I think, and a soldier, then pick up grenades to destroy rocks, but the rocks don’t blow all the way through and you have to jump and throw the rock over whilst a soldier keeps moving around you or goes back, there’s no pattern.
Apparently that you’re supposed to do is throw the grenade at the rock so it can stick to it, but it looks like a glitch, but it blows and I can pass through, then enemies shoot down me because it was too difficult to dodge and I lose the game and I start over, this time I get to the second level, jumping on narrow squares, you’re sure making me nervous game; then I die and lose the game again, so I continue the game…and I end up at Stage 1 again…SCREW IT!!!


Akumajō Densetsu – It’s the Famicom version of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, with balanced difficulty and the music IS SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD. The game goes back to the first game’s style of gaming with linear platforming that we know and love and it’s considered to be the best game in the NES trilogy.


The controls and gameplay are exactly the same, so the issues from the first game still exists, though the other characters you can save are much better controlled. Next up is Super Castlevania IV (and I’ll do my best to give that one a proper review).


Aladdin (Official NES Game) – So I assume that this is inspired by the Mega Drive version. The graphics are awful, the level design is boring and completely muddy, just because it worked for the Mega Drive version, it doesn’t mean it will work for an 8-bit system, heck, even the Master System has better level design than the NES version. Oh, did I tell you that this was a European exclusive (albeit, Germany), a place where the NES was dead on arrival and stayed like that.


The gameplay is the worst, you see, you can collect apples, you’re going to use them because they have poor hitboxes, sometimes the apples don’t have to touch them and they’ll still get damaged. However, whilst you can break the game, the game will in turn break you, the enemies can attack and damage you even when you’re not even close to them, it’s a broken game, it’s clunky, laggy and just unplayable.


The music is repetitive, there’s only three songs in the game, but most of the game just comprises of the Prince Ali Song…MAKE IT STOP. To think that Virgin developed this is an embarrassing shame, why make an NES port, especially for Europe.


But to make matters worse, what if I told you that all the bootleg games are ten times better than the official port. There was one made by Hummer Games which took the SNES game and ported it to the NES, whilst there were some bits and pieces removed it’s still a faithful port. Heck, there was even a version that also took assets from the Mega Drive port, what the official NES game did and even that was playable. When you make a game that is less playable than Chinese bootleg, hang your head in shame and curl up in a corner. Without a shadow of a doubt, the official is the worst port of a series of Aladdin games.

Are there any other random NES games you want me to play and talk a bit about? Some that aren’t really worth a full review? Next week there will be a full review, but a week after that I will be taking a look at random Sega Master System games? I have three already to play but are there more I should add? Feel free to comment.


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