Daze Before Christmas

Yeah, Christmas games are very lacking, which is a surprise considering how much Christmas has been in a million kinds of media, with TV Specials, movies, books…but games? A few but not remembered (online games on the Internet don’t count because those kind of games oversaturate the servers). When it comes to home console games based on Christmas, it’s extremely rare and for this game I’m taking a look at, it’s in more ways than one. Daze Before Christmas, developed by Funcom and published by Sunsoft and was released in 1994.

So why haven’t you heard of it? Because it’s a European and Australian release since the SNES port was released in Germany and Australia only and the Mega Drive port was released exclusively in Australia. The US version was planned to be released but it was cancelled due to the bankruptcy of Sunsoft USA, in fact, the day the SNES port was finished was the same day Sunsoft USA shut down. Yep, that all happened. So I’m taking a look at the Mega Drive port released in Australia only but had to play it via emulator because this is a collector’s item, it’s a very expensive game to get physically.

So Santa is getting ready for Christmas, but some villains are ruining Christmas and they have shoved elves in presents and taken Santa’s reindeers. It’s up to Santa to save the elves, defeat the villains and save Christmas. In the game the story is really detailed and in cheesy rhyming, I’m just giving you a nutshell of what’s actually happening.

So you play as Santa as you collect presents whilst defeating enemies using your magic or stomping on them. Enemies include rats and other sorts of toys, you can even shoot certain presents; they might have elves, enemies or bombs. In certain levels, you can drink a cup of coffee and this coffee turns Santa into his evil twin Anti-Claus where he uses his sack of presents for all the girls and boys TO KNOCK OUT ALL THE ENEMIES IN SIGHT, though you can’t collect presents at this point, it can take 10, 20 or 30 seconds if you change the time in the settings. After a certain amount of levels you take a break from platforming to deliver presents you’ve collected to different countries…mostly UK, Japan and the US. There are 24 levels so I assume it took 24 days to save Christmas and on the 25th, Santa rested.

So is the game any good? Well the game is a very good platformer with solid controls, though the screen is zoomed in throughout the game, but even then you have a crouch button (down) to see below the screen so you’ll always know which part to go down to. Other than that, it pulls no surprises and is completely safe. It’s also a short game too in which you can pretty much beat it in around 45-60 minutes, it’s near enough an easy game but can pull a few challenges too, mostly because of the zoomed screen but again it’s not too much of an issue.

Overall…yeah, I just basically told you how the game is, it’s a platformer that is incredibly basic, though I had fun with it and I recommend it…if you are willing to play a ROM of it because this game is rarer than the Ark. But seriously though, there really isn’t that much to talk about.

You can get it on the Sega Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo.

Well there is the cloud boss, as in the final boss…and he is one of the easiest bosses ever made…seriously, you can finish him off in less than 30 seconds.



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