Mini-Review: Sonson (Old Review)

For some reason, Journey to the West is a much adapted story, I know there are other books that are adapted to high heaven, but you do realise that without this book, we wouldn’t have had Dragon Ball or even the game I’m going to take a look at, Sonson (ソンソン), developed and published by Capcom and was released in 1984.

So Sonson’s (based on Sun Wukong) friends have been taken and you have to get them and reach the statue of Buddha. To get there, you must shoot down enemies in a shoot ’em up style platformer with six platforms where you can jump and drop down on. You can still move left and right to get to enemies and shoot them since your weapon is short ranged though going left makes you slow and going right makes you slightly faster. You do get power-ups which mostly consist of fruit which just gives you points and if you grab specific fruit, you can turn on-screen enemies into fruit. The graphics are the basics, not so memorable since there’s no background and it’s just platforms. The music is awesome even if it’s quite repetitive.

This is pretty much a game that actually has some unique elements since it’s a shoot ’em up and platformer hybrid, despite its challenge and the Chinese theme makes it memorable…that or this is the best Dragon Ball game never made. The gameplay is fun and is a lot fun with a second player, in fact, a lot of arcade games are fun with a second player…I have a slibling but…bloody mobile games.

Did you know? When you play the game co-operatively, the second player controls TonTon, based on Zhu Wuneng from Journey to the West.

Overall, Sonson is another tough game by Capcom, something nice and deceptively simple. I know this review may be short since it is a simple game but don’t worry, tomorrows review will be worth it.

You can get it on the Arcade, NES, Virtual Console and Mobile Phone.

Rating: 4/5


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