Top 5 Xbox One Games I Want to Get

This was a console that was born from controversy but managed to get out alive, from forcing you to buy games new and not pre-owned to always needing to be online to even use the machine to always needing Kinect, I thought this was going to burn. The gamers did what they always do when they see injustice: RAGE! and rage and rage at Microsoft to the point where Microsoft had to remove these stupid features. But for me, it was too late, it put me off buying the console. Then, in E3 2015, Microsoft unveiled something that blew my mind and it will be my number one. SO yeah, Xbox One, as long as that game exists, I want it. And here’s four other games I would get.
10. Dead Rising 3 – I recently played the first game and from what I played so far, it’s like Dark Souls, you live, fight, level up, die, go back to the beginning though at least your increased level stays increased. I saw gameplay from the sequel and it was mad, colourful and looked crazy, it looked great. Then I saw the third game for the first time and they took all the colour and made it look really dull, but I want to try it out because you’re still fighting zombies and I enjoy it and for the first game I’ll kill so much zombies until I get completely bored of it.
5. Far Cry 4 – I still haven’t played the first one, I’ve played the sequel to the end and the third one of the best game in the series and one of my favourite games and I recently got Blood Dragon in a Black Friday sale. All sales, no bloodshed. Now for 4 and…Ubisoft already announed another Far Cry game Primal. Fron what I heard, it’s near enough Far Cry 3 again, but I’ll be the judge of that. The version I want to get is The Complete Edition with all the DLC on-disc…I hope.
4. Sunset Overdrive – Now this is more like my kind of game, a hyper colourful shooting experience. And just who are out enemies? Zombies! Almost Insomniac, almost, but I’ll give it a try nonetheless.,300_.jpg
3. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell – You will see a review of Saints Row 2 on the 1st December, whilst the review of the third game will be released hopefully in January. So I’m not going to say more about this for reasons you’ll see in the third game review but this is one I do want to play.
2. Project Spark – WHAT? game creation software, AWESOME! WAIT, WHAT? It’s now FREE? HECK YEAH! There was DLC you had to pay but people got a refund for it after it was free? That was a fail.
1. Rare Replay – Now remember I said that I didn’t want anything to do with this system? When Microsoft unveiled this, my reaction was from anger because Rare will forever stay with Microsoft, then thinking about it, then it was IT HAS TONS OF RARE GAMES, CONKER FOR CHEAP, I’M COMING CONKER, I’M COMING TOOIE. So this is the reason why I want to get an Xbox One. Hopefully I could get this at Christmas.

Oh, and Happy 10th Birthday Xbox 360, I may have started to play with you late…very late, but you’re a fine addition to my console collection…and thanks for Ikaruga-HA!


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