Mario’s Tennis (Virtual Boy) (Old Review)

Since Mario is what brings Nintendo the cash for many, many years, and since Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is out for the Wii U to nobody caring at this point, why not do sports games based on the characters…and the first one was on the Virtual Boy. Oh Boy! Mario’s Tennis, developed and published by Nintendo and was released in 1995 in Japan and in the US.

The game consists of seven characters, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Toad, and Donkey Kong Jr.

It’s just Tennis, no power-ups, no power shots of any kind, it’s just plain old Tennis.

You know what the problem with this game is? Is reviewing it. You see because the Virtual Boy was released in Japan and in the US only, add to the fact that this console was a complete and utter failure, Europe never got the console and thus, the game. I could get one but the console is way too expensive, so the only way I’m going to play these games is emulation. But then there is a loss of 3D. You see Virtual Boy’s stereoscopic 3D graphics allows you to see a certain depth within the tennis court, allowing for better perception in the distance between tennis ball and the respective character. But with emulation, there is no 3D. I changed the settings to black and white instead of the painful red and black with the 3D off, even if you turned on the 3D, there’s no way to get the full 3D experience, so what I’m left with is a Tennis game with Mario characters and I guess that’s why any of these games haven’t been released on the Virtual Console, this would work wonders on the 3DS.

Which is also why I can’t properly talk about the graphics even though it’s incredibly basic and I assume it was because it may have been a tech demo for the system, along with little to no music that aren’t memorable in the slightest.

Overall, if you want 3D Tennis from the past with some meat on it, you’re not going to play this for a long time because this is the equivalent of the bare bones of a Tennis game, the game plays well even though you may need some practice since the perspective can catch you off guard. That is if you haven’t got the real hardware.

You can get it on the Virtual Boy.

I…can’t really give this a score since I didn’t use the real hardware.



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