Mini-Review: Mega Man: The Power Battle (Old Review)

So, how about a spin-off and one that you’d never expect. Since Capcom made Street Fighter, they could take fighting and add it to any of their series and Mega Man was one to get the fighting treatment. Mega Man: The Power Battle, known in Japan as Rockman: The Power Battle (ロックマン・ザ・パワーバトル), developed and published by Capcom and was released in October 1995 in Japan before getting a home release in the US as part of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection in 2004…9 years later.

So Dr. Wily has rebuilt some of his robot masters and Mega Man needs to destroy them again before battling Dr. Wily again. And that’s it…

You can choose to play as one of three characters, Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass. You randomly select a stage to play in and you immediately battle one of the robot masters, everytime you destroy a robot master, you get their powers like in the original game and you can use them to battle the next robot master, after defeating all of them, you enter Wily’s Fortress and you battle a big boss before battling against Dr. Wily himself. There are three modes to choose from, mostly consisting of Mega Man 1-2, Mega Man 3-6 and Mega Man 7 and you’ll battle robot masters from their respective game.

This game is so much fun to play, battling robot masters and using their powers against the others, the graphics feel mostly like a slightly updated version of Mega Man 7, it has music from the original games and mostly plays like the original…and this was the point where I realised the game was merely Mega Man: Boss Mode, it’s far too simple for an arcade game, and with a little bit of practice, you can beat this game using little to no continues, and that’s the problem, it’s an arcade game, but I don’t necessarily hate it, I love the game and would easily give this a full rating, but it loses a point because as an arcade game, it’s entirely pointless…and that’s why it’s not getting an Overall, it’s entirely pointless doing one.

You can get it in the Arcades and on the PlayStation 2 via Mega Man Anniversary Collection.



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