Compilation Corner – Tecmo Classic Arcade

Tecmo, before there was breasts physics, there were arcade games and they were known as Tehkan (Hey, it sounds like Tekken). I managed to get a collection of their…well known games? Yeah, I’m going to talk about that later. Tecmo Classic Arcade, developed by Tecmo and also published by them in Japan and in the US but was published in Europe by Microsoft Game Studios and was released in 2005 worldwide.

So we have 11 games in one disc and I’ll talk about each of them to count the fact that I actually reviewed each of them in order of release at the time.

Pleiads – So this is a multi-stage space shooter, the first stage involves you shooting enemies whilst protecting your space station, these Martian aliens can transform into flying invaders and walls that will block your shots though you can destroy them. In the second stage you must shoot down 8 aliens and they can be tough because they fly fast. The third stage involves shooting invaders coming from a space ship. The final level involves you going back to Earth whilst avoiding parked ships. So we have a game inspired by Galaxian and Phoenix and we have a shooter that is…ok. It’s another forgotten shooter that’s forgotten for a reason, it doesn’t do anything new and there’s no addictive enough to continue playing.

Swimmer (スイマ一) – Here’s a Nursery Rhyme. There was a swimmer who is swimming in a river, though the water may make him shiver. When the logs and obstacles stand in his way, dives in the water to swim under them he may. When the fruit are floating, he collects them he is gloating. The swimmer swims to get to Treasure Island, it’s probably the pot of gold in Ireland. But he should be warned for he will see…A GIANT F?*€¥£@ CRAB, SWIM, SWIM QUICKLY!!! It was good.

Senjyo (センジョー) – the word Senjyo translates as Battlefield, so EA’s Battlefield series maybe known as Senjyo…well I think they only got Battlefield 3 and that wasn’t the best seller in Japan. The aim of the game is to shoot down alien enemies using a turret with a cross-hair target. The game is well known for having a pseudo 3D feel with multiple layers of moving backgrounds, giving an immersive feel to it at the time. This is another decent game, nothing more; so far we have one game I kind of enjoyed.

Star Force (スターフォース Sutā Fōsu) -In what may be the best game in the whole compilation, this is a vertical shooter where you shoot enemies and structures for points. It’s as simple as that but it’s very fun, in fact, it’s one of the best shooters out there but I can’t quite figure out what makes it so unique, Japan loves this game and you know what, I love it too, I recommend it.

Bomb Jack (ボンジャック Bon Jakku) – And in recent events this game could NEVER get made if this was a new game today. So someone has planted bombs in different well-known tourist sites and it’s up to a superhero Bomb Jack to defuse them but there are enemies flying about. You get bonus points for collecting lit bombs in a certain order though this may be difficult with the enemies about. This is another favourite of mine and…yeah, any game involving bombs is…questionable these days but it’s still a fun and addictive game.

Tehkan World Cup, aka. Tecmo Cup – it’s a football game…you should know the rules of football…its ok.

Pinball Action – A video Pinball game that’s pretty good, it’s nearly realistic and it plays well, I did have a good time playing it.

Solomon’s Key – A platform puzzle game where you play as Dana as you must find Solomon’s Key to defeat the demons. He can use blocks to jump, place and destroy to get through obstacles and it’s hard as heck. It’s once again not a favourite of mine but you may like it.

Rygar – a platformer where you play as Rygar with his Diskarmor to defeat enemies. The game was hard but when you know what to do, it gets repetitive with over 20 levels and it will probably take you an hour to finish, unusual for an Arcade game. It’s good but it does wear out its welcome.

Tecmo Bowl – It’s an American Football game…I don’t like it.

Strato Fighter – Another shooter, horizontal this time around. This is actually pretty good too but only it’s not as better as Star Force though I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s your run-of-the-mill shooter and nothing more.

Now that I’ve taken a look at the games, let’s take a look at the rest of the content.

Menu: The menu is a clustered mess. Yes, it does show the games, the design of it just shows screens full of gameplays and you have no idea what game is. I give it 2.5/5

Options: The options are minimal, heck, you can’t even change the controls. I give it 2/5.

Amount of Games: There are only 11 games, it’s very lacking, I know there’s some Star Force sequels, some Ninja Gaiden arcade games or even the NES games, where is the original Dead or Alive, how about some Silkworm or even Winning Post, Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes. But the most important game they left out was Night Life, it was a highly innovative game. Though we can thank our lucky stars that we didn’t get Japan’s Tecmo Hit Parade for the PS2, which only had seven games, four games weren’t even in their version, so Rygar, Strato Fighter, Swimmer and Tecmo Bowl were not included. At the time when this was full price, this would have been a waste of money, I recommend getting it cheap, £5, nothing more. I give it a 3/5.

Playability on the Console: It’s an Xbox exclusive, but because I used a third party controller because the original Xbox controller was too big even for my massive hands and I guess playing these games would have been a problem, but I used a different one which is much smaller they play pretty well. Actually there’s a game in this collection called Tecmo Cup and used a trackball in the original arcade and Tecmo managed to change the controls for the Xbox version and it controls very well; Sega on the other hand couldn’t do it for Sega Sonic the Hedgehog…THERE’S NO EXCUSE NOW SEGA. I give it a 4/5.

Process of emulation: It looks accurate, no issues compared to the real software. I give it a 5/5

Worth it: Overall, Tecmo Classic Arcade is pretty good for what it’s got but there’s not enough games that would have been worth the full price at the time and the games we did get aren’t that interesting, which is a shame because Taito and Capcom’s compilations had much more games to offer and most of them are pretty fun. Tecmo is pretty much one of those companies that had decent games but the really interesting and popular ones are either missing or obscure. Again, this is one to get on the cheap if you want a copy and play some of these games though some may not be of your interest.

You can get it on the Xbox.


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