Mini-Review: Gran Turismo 2 (Old Review)

All right petrol heads, its Gran Turismo again, and this time…it’s personal. So a while ago I took a look at the first game and it was ok but there were a few parts that didn’t age well or haven’t stood the test of time. So a couple of years later we got Gran Turismo 2 (グランツーリスモ2 Guran Tsūrisumo Tsū, usually abbreviated as GT2), developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and was released in 1999 in Japan and in the US, then in 2000 in Europe.

Believe it or not, the game is exactly the same as the first game, including the graphics, physics and gameplay but there is one feature that did improve but I’ll talk about that soon. There are two discs now with the first one being Arcade Mode. The Arcade Mode enables you to choose the car you want to drive and which track to drive in. Each set of cars are put unto classes, one class will be sports cars, while another class could be city like cars and so on, each of these classes have a number of cars, as well as colour change and the ability to drive automatically or manually.

There’s even a Rally Mode where you can drive around on a Rally car, every time you race to the finish line, a ghost will appear, this ghost is your gameplay of the previous lap, you can race it so you can get better at the tracks. There are not a lot of tracks, about three to start off and a certain amount of cars and this is where the second disc comes in.

The second disc has Gran Turismo Mode (Simulation Mode in the US version), where you’re able to earn different drivers licenses based on different classes, you can also buy nee vehicles and get trophies and these trophies will enable you to unlock more courses. Completing the game 100% will get you 650 cars and 27 tracks to race on. That is…650 cars? And about half of those would be DLC nowadays, I miss unlocking…everything. This is going to be the mode in which you’ll spend most of your time if you’re dedicated enough, I managed to do some but didn’t finish it entirely, both my uncles managed to 100 % it but it was at a time when they didn’t have ALL the games and I do.

So…since the graphics, physics and gameplay are the same there’s not really much to talk about other than the fact that it’s the same but there is one feature that was improved: the brakes. And it makes all the difference when driving cars, you’re less likely to crash into walls, though if you’re a beginner you’re more likely to crash into walls. It’s a much better driving experience and is a much needed improvement of the first game. The music is mostly licensed songs though music from all regions differentiates because we can’t handle each others musical taste. Though graphically, there is one thing I love and that’s the cars, they look so good and despite being on the PS1 they just look…so nice, funny considering that I’m not a fan of cars myself.

Overall, Gran Turismo 2 is much better than the first game, though based on content, slight changes to gameplay and music if that’s what you’re looking for, some of the things I said about the first game can also be said about this one though with some improvements. I like it much more than the first game but again, it’s still near enough dated compared to the later games and other games of the racing genre too.

You can get it on the PlayStation.



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