Capcom’s Alien VS Predator (Old Review)

You know this space could have been filled by Alien: Isolation but I want all the content on-disc…or not, someone may sell a pamphlet with the codes somewhere. Luckily, there is a game that came along and said “Hey, we’re more fun and at least we’re not Colonial Marines”, Capcom’s Alien VS Predator, developed and published by Capcom and was released on May 20, 1994, this was a beat ’em up, what Capcom was good at.

California’s been taken over by Aliens and Major Dutch Schaefer and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa try to stop it but before they get killed, a couple of Predators save them and ask them to form an alliance and stop the aliens.

Did you know? The game was based on an early draft of a film adaptation of the same name and the game was intended to be a tie-in to the movie but the script was rejected in favour of something else, but Capcom already finished the game and just released it. There wouldn’t be an Alien Vs Predator movie until an entire decade later (and it sucks, but not as much as its sequel (shudder)).

So you can choose one of four characters to play as. The two cybernetic humans Major Dutch Schaefer and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa and two Predators: Hunter and Warrior. Each character has melée weapons: their ranges for each of them are varied so you choose which one suits you. They have gun weapons too, of course for example, Linn’s handgun has to be reloaded but you stand still and are vulnerable to many attacks and is the only character to do so but it makes up for it by reloading the fastest out of all the other characters, the Predators have shoulder-mounted energy weapons and Dutch uses a smart gun, their guns can overheat and they take long to cool down. There’s also the usual’s from Capcom like dropped weapons to pick up, food, gems (really?) and medicine.

So it’s got everything a Capcom game should have, though it feels better, it’s got challenge, it’s got detailed cutscenes it’s got the lot. Now for playing the characters, out of all the four characters there’s only one I like, Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa, mostly because the other characters feel slow and sluggish, not Haggar sluggish but worse, it makes the game tiresome as a result, but play as Kurosawa and the game feels different, she’s fast, she controls smoothly, she has the best melée attacks and even if she’s less powerful and has a shorter reach with her normal combo, she’s still an all-around playable character. Funny considering she’s made other appearances in later Capcom games such as Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter III and Namco x Capcom, she’s that popular.

Did you know? A port for the Sega 32X was announced and was planned to be released, but it never did. There was an Alien Vs Predator beat ’em up game for the SNES and even some people mistake the game as being a port of the arcade version but that’s not the case.

Overall, if you want a game that respects the first Alien movie, play Alien: Isolation, this is different, this is a fun beat ’em up from Capcom, it has good music but nothing you’d listen to outside, the graphics are superb as always it has some fun gameplay but only if you’re playing as Linn, I recommend it but only play as Linn, the game is more fun with her. It would have been a perfect game if all the characters were tweaked to be just as good as Linn, maybe not as fast but just all-around better. It’s a shame it never got a home port, as Capcom stated that fans want a HD remake of the game out of all the others…yeah, this is Capcom…I doubt it.

You can get it for the Arcades. Now for those who might be thinking that you can’t get the proper arcade version, well think of the people who can afford these arcade machines, they have a big house full of the best arcade games, just thinking about those people.

P.S: If this movie would have been made, it would have been euphorically awesome.



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