Mini-Review: Avengers (Old Review)

Oh My God!!! Capcom made an Avengers game in 1987, I can play as all the super heroes, my favourite is the Hulk, oh boy, what is the story about:

“Geshita has kidnapped six girls in Paradise City (where the grass is green and the girls are…missing?) so it’s up to Ryu and Ko to save them whom one of them isn’t in anyway copied from another fighting game because it hasn’t been made yet…wait a minute?…”

Yeah, it’s not that Avengers, it’s an overhead-view vertically scrolling beat ’em up, limited but simple. You go from stage to stage punching, kicking and even round housing enemies. You can pick up power-ups like the “Speed Up”, the Super Punch, Grenades, Shurikens, Nunchaku and extra health to spice up the gameplay for a while. You know whenever I see this game I see Gun.Smoke, it’s so similar except your physically attacking foes than shooting them and for that it ends up being fast paced which makes it very fun. You also fight bosses and I always get that certain sense of euphoria when I beat a stage, all thanks to that music.

The story is generic as all heck, I mean when is this ‘boy fights everyone to save girls’ story going to end, it old as the Bible. Like I said, it’s a short challenging action arcade game from Capcom.

You can get it for the arcade, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Rating: 4/5


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