Dear Gaming Industry – 3DS Virtual Console’s Button Placement

Dear Nintendo

I have been enjoyed a whole bunch of your games for many years. In fact, my first new console was a handheld, the Game Boy Advance. In fact, I have been a fan of your handheld devices for many years and nearly all games feel comfortable to play. Now I have a Nintendo 3DS and I found the Virtual Console for the console, the ability to play NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Sega Game Gear games on-the-go. But I am writing to complain about the button inputs of the Virtual Console games. The first games I purchased from your service were Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden and Super Mario Bros. 3. The first game I tried was Super Mario Bros. 3, and this is where problems arise.

When playing the game, the buttons placement was at A and B, I did not enjoy this placement so I tried to find a way to change the button inputs, but as it turns out, the buttons are stuck at A and B and I’m unable to change it. Usually for Mario games they’re controlled with B and Y and you gave people who play games the ability to change it if someone wanted the A and B buttons too. I can’t properly play Super Mario Bros. 3 because of the button placement, you may think that I need to get used to it but it isn’t the case, the reason for this is one thing: Comfortability. I don’t feel comfortable with these button inputs and I play worse because, for example, my thumbs whilst holding B are unable to switch to A properly, especially in Super Mario Bros. 3 where I need to run and jump. In fact, any game in which I need to run and jump at the same time is near unplayable.

I know you implimented this feature on the Wii U Virtual Console. For example, I am able to change the A and B buttons on an NES game to a much more comfortable B and Y and I can play games much better that way. I then brought a Sega Game Gear game to see if there was any difference. To my surprise, the Game Gear’s Virtual Console menu let me change the button placement, so why not yours?

To conclude, I would like to play more Virtual Console games on my 3DS, In fact, I believe some games feel suitable for the 3DS, but if I want to continue to use the service, I would like a choice on button placement, a choice on where buttons should go so I can play games with the ease and comfortability of even a SNES controller. If there is no change to this, then it will be unlikely that I will purchase anymore games from the Virtual Console except for Sega Game Gear games because they do give you that choice.

I look forward to your opinion.

The Every Gamer



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