Top 20 PS4 PSN Games I want to get

A while ago I made a post talking about downloadable games and why I have my interests and issues with this. I did talk about how certain games I will review, mostly retro games that are expensive to get in physical discs and whatnot. But then the PlayStation Network sales happened and now I’ve gotten a few new downloadable games that aren’t retro (kind of). So now it’s got me, I now don’t mind getting downloadable games (in a sale). So here are 20 games I want to get for the service, rules are that if it has a physical release and it’s affordable, it’s not eligible for the list.

20. Apotheon – I don’t know why, but I guess it’s the Ancient Greek imagery that may pull me in or even interest me into one day getting it. It’s a role-playing platformer, but I guess it’s the design that interests me.
19. Broken Age – A point and click game made by someone who was and may be is still respected, though there are things he did that are questionable and I’m going to get into that mess, it’s Tim Schafer and his latest game Broken Age, it’s something interesting, maybe something fresh. Who knows.
18. Titan Souls –  A small indie game to play from time to time, Hotline Miami is a great example of this and it looks like this is going to be in a similar fashion where you have to battle monsters with one arrow and one life. Too much MLGing but enough for me.
17. Goat Simulator – When people saw this, they found it funny, so funny in fact that it became the most anticipated indie game at the time. But it seems that this is an example of a game whose jokes start to die out the moment you play it for a long period of time. But I don’t mind trying it out because this looks incredibly stupid.
16. Metal Slug 3 – I know it’s weird to put this game on the list since I’ve already reviewed it and there’s already a physical copy of it…but them achievements though, them achivements.
15. Lone Survivor – So we have a survival horror game using pixel art but from what I heard it’s used very well. I don’t know much about it and that’s great.
14. Grim Fandango Remastered – Another Tim Schafer game, this time it’s a classic point and click game that has been remastered for consoles…SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS!!!…Sorry.
13. Spelunky – A classic indie game now on consoles where you play what looks like Indiana Jones gone SD (that’s Super Deformed), a randomly generated platformer where you explore caves and try not to die, it’s a difficult but fun game according to some. Though this is something to play on the Vita, it’s just suitable for that handheld.
12. Pier Solar and the Great Architects – A homebrew game originally for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, has now been remastered for newer consoles. An RPG game that must be special if it’s in PSN.
11. Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Something I like about war games is going against the norm, games like Call of Duty pretty much tell you that war is all about action, shooting down brown and Russian people, the same crap every time. But then there are war games that do something different and even respect war and use gaming to make a game about war that’s quiet and respects the men who fought for freedom. And so, I look forward to this if I ever get it.
10. Olliolli – This is another game for the Vita, Olliolli is a simple 2D pixel skateboard game where you skate whilst performing tricks, a simple fun game that my Vita needs.
9. Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition – I played a PC port of this game, just a bit but not too much but this version has all the extra content and it was a good game from what I played so…I’m going to have to buy it again, but for a new console, the PS4, but with more content…it’ll be worth it.
8. Mega Man Legacy Collection – …I’m still considering getting it or not because according to a one Satoshi Matrix, the best ports are the PS1 versions but are only released in Japan and in the PSN US, which is sad for EU. But I’m here to play Mega Man but hopefully it’s still as perfect as the NES original.
7. The Binding of Issac: Rebirth – I want to get the PS4 or any console version because I can’t play this with a keyboard, it was made for controllers for me. A horror game based on a bible passage, it’s a horror/gory version of Zelda and from what I played, it’s pretty good.
6. Axiom Verge – So this guy showed this game of. Reggie from Nintendo said it looked like Metroid. Someone says “Still waiting for a Metroid game Reggie” Later, Nintendo announces Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Axiom Verge looks to be a much better investment.
5. Super Meat Boy – Another game I have on PC but I would like on consoles because I’m not a PC guy, I’m more of a console guy and I need a controller instead of a laptop standing on a small cupboard and I need to bend my back to play games especially games that control with a keyboard because there’s no space for my legs and I don’t have room for a proper desk AND WRITING THIS IS FAR TOO UNCOMFORTABLE AND DARNIT ALL WHERE HAVE I GONE WITH MY LIFE…And so it gets number 5.
4. Nidhogg – When I saw this pixel sword fighting game, it looked absolutely weird, from the level design to the worms swarming around the ground, it’s looked so unnerving to me but it was something that interested me so I don’t mind this to get absorbed by it’s strangeness.
3. Fez – UUUUUH, I just want to play this game, but Phil Fish is making it very hard for me to do so.
2. VVVVVV – I also played this on PC but never finished it because read Super Meat Boy again.
1. Retro City Rampage DX – An 8-bit GTA but…read Super Meat Boy. But this eventually got a physical release…problem is, it’s so limited, it’s expensive. I hate when that happens, because when you do that, you’re going to alienate people who can’t afford limited releases, Cave Story for the 3DS did it too and with the same results. Heck, I recently got a physical copy of Shovel Knight on the Wii U just in case people put it up for a higher price. It’s that level of anxiety that I don’t enjoy. You’re probably asking me “Well why don’t you just get the digital version?” Because I like holding a game in my hand. I made this list so I can play games that may not get a physical release but I still want to try out anyway, because if I don’t do this, I may never be able to play those games. Why do most of my number ones have long sentences?


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