Mini-Review: Pirate Ship Higemaru (Old Review)

Ahoy buckos, be ye ready fer a swashbucklin’ adventure provided by th’ now scurvy filled Capcom, ’tis be th’ adventurous tale of the Pirate Ship Higemaru, a Japanese scurvy pirate tale goin’ back to SeptembARrrrr 1984.

Thar was a young laddie named Momotaro, a sailor who took care ‘o his cap’n’s ship, then suddenly th’ Higemaru ‘n th’ mean cap’n Bow aboarded th’ ship ‘n tried to attack Momotaro, But he wasn’t a lily- livered coward, he used his head ‘n used th’ barrels ‘o spiced rum to defeat them, not only th’ barrels, thar were drums ‘o rum, large bags ‘o gold ‘n all th’ other stuff Momotaro’s crew stole. He thought a jolly battle, even when th’ enemies’ speed ‘n intelligence increased wit’ each turn.

Unfortunately, Momotaro was murdered by his own crew, probably due to destroyin’ th’ barrels ‘o spiced rum, might as well gave up from th’ beginnin’, at least he would have walked th’ plank, but would have died from drownin’.

’tis would be th’ third tale Capcom foretold in their young years, thar was even a second tale of this story called Makaijima, but was in Famicom-back ‘n MSX2-back form. But one Higemaru who was thought to have be lost at sea lived ’til th’ future when he became a self-employed scurvy pirate named cap’n Higemaru Jr, but one Strider Hiryu killed him.

‘n that’s th’ ruckas tale ‘o Momotaro ‘n his scurvy pirate Ship against th’ Higemaru. Join me next the hour whar I gunna be tellin’ th’ tales ‘o all scurvy pirate adventures. If ye want to hear it again ye can get th’ Arcade-back, ‘n as a collection ‘o various Capcom tales on PS2-back ‘n Xbox-back.

I be cap’n Blackman, I sail all through th’ seven seven seas tellin’ th’ tales ‘o scurvy pirate adventures because ’tis be definitely not a runnin’ joke at all…respect me or ye walk the plank.

I gunna rate these piratey tales based on three scores:

•Tale fer th’ Ages = Jolly Tale
•Tale told in Moderation = Ok Tale
•Tale worth Forgettin’ = Terrible Tale

’tis gets th’ Tales fer th’ Ages!


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