Nemo: The Arcade Game (Old Review)

I didn’t know who Little Nemo was until I watched the Nostalgia Critic’s review on Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland and I thought, “This could have potential if given to the right people”. Tis a shame though when it was given to the right people and even they were clueless as to what the movie should be like, heck even Hayao Miyazaki, the guy from Studio Ghibli who made one of my favourite animated movies of all time, Spirited Away, was involved in it in which he called “the worst experience of his professional career.” This is one of those ideas I would like to see in a movie and I want to see it done right. Nemo the Arcade Game was released in 1990. Bear with me since there’s not a lot of information about the game online…literally, it’s one of Capcom’s forgotten games.

Little Nemo in Slumberland was based off a 1905 full-page weekly comic strip by Winsor McCay. It was about a little boy named Nemo who would dream about many weird and wonderful things, most famous is the walking bed. At the final panel he always wakes up. It’s fared well with people who read it and who still read whatever’s left of it since they were either sold or burnt in a fire. Little Nemo has a small legacy and while I haven’t properly read the strips I like the ideas that it has.

So you play as Nemo in a side-scrolling platform game, you go around in weird and wonderful levels attacking enemies with your wand, you can also jump on enemies to kill them or throw boxes and screws at enemies, so there’s various ways of attacking enemies. My problem is that too much enemies can come out and trying to tackle them can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to lose health. But even so, the game play is still fun and you won’t get bored.

My favourite part of the game are the bosses, most of them are actually creative, my favourite boss is the round four boss, maybe because it had a simple pattern but I still die. Speaking of dying, you’ll do that a lot, this is a very difficult game if you’re playing with a few 20p’s, the controls are great but not too smooth and is responsible for the game’s difficulty.

The story follows the movie where Nemo goes to Slumberland and meets with an untrustworthy named Flip, you see King Morpheus giving Nemo the red pill…I mean a key, in which he needs to look after, he tells him not to open a specific door…Flip persuades him to unlock the door and all hell breaks loose. Nice going Nemo! So Nemo has to battle whatever came out of it and defeat the Nightmare King. Surprisingly the Nightmare King boss which is the final boss is weak and very disappointing. This game is actually short, you could beat this game in under half an hour but for a game like this it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome and I’ll play it again if I wanted to.

Overall, it’s a fun little title that should be played more by people, I’m surprised to find little to nothing about the game…except…

Did you know? There were two levels that were cut from the game, the only way to access it is by changing the byte FF8515 to the given level ID just before a level cutscene starts, there were also unused sprites, sounds and music, these were probably used in the cut levels.

The arcade machines are extremely rare and only saw limited releases…so finding a machine will be difficult.



2 thoughts on “Nemo: The Arcade Game (Old Review)

  1. If this game was given the Remastered Treatment like Ducktales, then we would have more Cutscenes, more Music, a few more playable characters to select (like Princess Camille, Bon Bon, and Professor Genius), and the Two unused levels be playable (with the Stairs one given a boss). Also, if the levels were to be used in the final version of the game, I believe the order would be something like This:
    Act 1: Long Stairs, King Morpheus, Slumber Land
    Act 2: Goat Car, Big Balloon, Police Station
    Act 3: Nightmare Land, Nightmare Castle, Nightmare King
    Notice how there was suppose to be 3 levels each. The first section has the Slumberland army as the Bosses, then in the second section we have strange creatures as bosses, the third and final section involves demonic monsters.

    1. A remaster would be a good idea, though I don’t think it has enough popularity for that. Though Little Nemo does have potential to have much creative stories, though it had a chance with the anime movie…that didn’t go well.

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