Top 10 Famicom Games I want to Get

So I ordered a Famicom console for a very cheap price, fingers cross it works since the seller said it did. Like Super Famicom, it also has games that are cheaper than their western releases, in fact, a lot of them are quite cheap, which was very surprising. So these are 10 games I want to get and play for the Famicom. There are some rules, they have to be games I can play through the end with no language barriers whatsoever and they must be exclusive to Japan only.

10. The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy – Yeah, I know the game sucks, but it’s something of a novelty. Transformers on the Famicom looks like a hard game, based on Japanese toys that were imported to the US and because the US love money, they’re going to do everything in their power to make them popular…then Bay went and destroyed any likability I had with the toys. Prices go from £1-£2.

9. Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti – I’ve played the original Splatterhouse game for both Arcade and PC Engine and it was great, in fact, I recently reviewed the game as part of Halloween Review, Click here to read the review. This is the first game again, but now more cutesy, known as SD (Super Deformed). From what I’ve seen it’s quirky but still near enough faithful to the original but in it’s own style. Prices go from under £10.

8. Nuts & Milk – Got to love the simple games, though it’s surprising as to why this never got a true western release. As a blob, collect fruit and get to your blob of a fiancée because there’s another trying to get your fiancée. Prices go from £1-£3.

7. Mappy Kids – Mappy is a unique arcade game, Click here for the review, but it was the only game that did well whilst another one didn’t, known as Mappy Land, so here’s Mappy Kids, another platformer about Mappy getting married but his wife won’t marry him unless he can provide for his family. In richer or poorer my backside, in Japan, family life ain’t fun and games, it’s a ruthless job, it seems I can’t blame the otaku now. Prices go from £1-£6.

6. The Quest of Ki – Click here for the review. I may have already played it but I really enjoyed it, it’s a fantastic game but I fell it’s right to play it on original hardware. Prices go from £10-£12.

5. The Goonies – I’ve never seen the movie (Please don’t shoot me), have little idea of what the film’s about, it’s a platform game, I want to play it. Prices go from £2-£4.

4. Door Door – Stupid title aside, it looks like a fun puzzle game where you pretty much use doors to chuck them out Japanese style. Prices go from £3-£5.

3. Crisis Force – It’s a shoot ’em up and was only released in Japan only, even Gradius got releases outside of Japan, so what makes it unique to other games of the genre? I don’t know. Prices go from £35…oh…so this one isn’t that cheap.

2. Joy Mech Fight – Fighting games on the NES/Famicom are considerably rare in that there were barely any of those games. But this was actually made by Nintendo and it’s about robots fighting each other, the robots floating limbs looked smooth and fluid for the 8-bit system. I played a bit of it and I really enjoy it with a decent combat system and great challenge. Prices go from £8-£12.

1. AND I’M STUCK. So comment and tell me of any recommendations. Remember the rules above the list.


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