Mega Twins (Chiki Chiki Boys) (Old Review)

I don’t know why but I feel like doing a whole month of Capcom. Yes I know, despite losing money like a beaten up dude on GTA, even though they’re now trying to get better; only time will tell. We can’t forget about why they’re fondly remembered. I love Capcom games…mostly arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s so I’m going to review some examples as much as I can…bloody heck, it’s nearly Christmas.

So how about one you probably don’t know about…great start. Mega Twins (or Chiki Chiki Boys, and insert Cheeky Girls joke in the comments). It was released in 1990 for the CPS hardware or CPS-1, this is an arcade system board that ran software that were stored on ROM that could be removed at any time, many games used this board including the Street Fighter 2 series.

Alurea has been destroyed by the evil forces of a monster, but the King’s two twin sons survive (of course the royals are first priority) and they must fight the enemies and collect two Dragon Blue Eyes that can restore everything back to normal…so basically it’s Dragon Ball Z right?

The game is a side-scrolling platform game, you control one of the twins, the game mostly consists of slashing enemies with your sword, this is all you do throughout the whole game, it might sound repetitive but…yeah, it is; but you always have a wonderful time mowing down enemies to size. You also have magic you can collect to either wipe out enemies on-screen or cause massive damage to bosses. The bosses are creative and challenging, you’re mostly going to save up whatever magic you’ve collected to quickly kill them but even then you’d need to slash them. You travel to many places, from the earth to the heavens to the sea to the sky and a castle, and some other places in-between. The level design has a cartoony feel that should appeal to me, it has a chibi anime feel to it but unfortunately I kind of got bored by the design, strip the graphics and the cartoon sprite design and all you have is a run of the mill sword slashing game, it’s not the best game ever made but if you have 45 minutes to spare this game will be there for you to play.

I used to play this years ago all the time, and it still holds up as a nice simple game, but I don’t see anyone wanting to play it more than once and I can’t blame you. The music is forgettable, I couldn’t remember what songs I listened to, mostly because there was so much loud noises in-game is muted whatever background music it had.

Overall, it’s simple but repetitive, it has nice graphics but feels like paint because of the repetitious gameplay but as for me I’ll play it again and again like I did years ago, I don’t know why but I think because it feels like a casual game, it’s my Angry Birds. It might have faults but it’s not bad, I’d recommend it to people who haven’t a clue what to do on a Sunday afternoon.

You can get it for the Arcade, Amiga, Atari ST, Mega Drive, PC Engine CD-ROM and on the Capcom Classics for the PlayStation 2 and the PSP.

Rating: 3/5


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