The LJN Halloween Double Bill – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Somehow this is a movie series I’ve always wanted to watch, also because Wes Craven passed away a while ago. So I do know what the series is about. It’s about a child murderer named Freddy Krueger who is burned alive and is revived but is now a grotesque form of himself. His mission is to kill all the teenagers of Elm Street. The teens try not to sleep as sleeping will send them to his world without them even knowing and they’re completely vulnerable and Freddy can kill them however he wants. But does the LJN game do the game justice? A Nightmare on Elm Street, developed by Rare (Yes, that Rare) and published by LJN and was released in October 1990.

So we have another platformer again as you control some guy who has to collect Freddy’s bones to rebury them so it’s similar to Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest where Simon has to collect Dracula’s body pieces to revive him and kill him again.

You’ll walk around Elm Street, going to houses, then to the school and the junk yard, etc. You will fight enemies by just punching like a real man…or woman. You’ll fight snakes, bats, Frankenstein monsters, and many more. A unique feature is a sleep meter; it drops by either progressing through the game, just standing still for some reason or getting hit a lot. When the meter runs out, you’ll fall asleep and you’ll enter an alternative, darker version of the world you’re in, the enemies will get harder and the world is a nightmarish world. Collecting a boombox will wake you up and you’ll enter the real world. There are bosses, mostly comprising of different alterations of Freddy. Defeating these bosses will give you a key and you’ll go back to Elm Street.

So how is the game? It’s not too bad. It’s hard and you’ll always get hit but it’s not as frustrating as Friday the 13th. I enjoy the gameplay and I like the level design. The music is still not that great but not horrible. It’s also a 4-player co-op game so it’ll probably be easier. It’s still hard and the floating Freddy hand is a true nightmare.

Overall, this game isn’t that bad, I kind of liked what I played, it’s still hard but at least I know what to do and it’s a more functional game than Friday the 13th. I’d recommend it but only to try out and make sure you have some friends to play with.

You can get it on the NES.

Tomorrow: The most terrifying game of all!

Oh, and one more thing, did you know? The original concept of the NES games was that you’d play as Freddy as you’d kill teenagers who are trying to kill him. Though unsurprisingly, this concept was cancelled to prevent controversy and possibly because Nintendo probably wouldn’t allow it. Boy that would have been a game to remember.



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