Top 10 NES games I want to get…for Virtual Console

So it’s the 30th anniversary of the NES and it’s being celebrated to high heaven. A lot of people have made videos talking about how they got an NES and how it shaped their childhoods. But I don’t have those memories because I was far too young to own an NES, I recently just got one and most of the UK had a Master System to give a darn about the NES because they didn’t know how to market the console in Europe.

So I got my NES for £40 at a convention and…it didn’t work, bleeding blinking red light and all. But thankfully there was a way to fix this by modding the system, opening it up and pulling out one small pin and now the console works like a charm. The games I have so far are Captain Skyhawk, Defenders of the Crown, Power Blade, Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and Top Gun. I’ve had consoles that are difficult to collect for a cheap price, because trying to collect cheap NES games are hard, especially on eBay, mostly because I can barely find them in charity shops, on eBay, all the good ones go quick or get outbid and are willing to pay stupid amounts and all you’re left with are…sports games.

Another big issue is that all the really popular titles are rather expensive (which is why I’m trying to find a Famicom to circumvent this). So the next logical step is Virtual Console on the Wii U and 3DS. Yep, I may have a love for physical copies but if it’s expensive to get physically and I can’t find them, then digital it is for now and I have 10 NES games I want to get, mostly from the Virtual Console service or if I get super lucky and somehow find a physical copy somewhere.

Now this list will be split with 5 games I want to get on the Wii U and 5 I want to get on the 3DS. The reason I’m doing this is because I want to play NES games on the 3DS. Problem is you can’t change the controls, so you know A and B, those are your buttons and you can’t change them, and when playing Mario games, it’s really uncomfortable so I’m getting games that I should have no problems playing with the forced default controls. Also, I may pick games I’ve already played.

Wii U

5. Adventure Island – I know I should take a look at Wonder Boy as that’s the original version but I played Adventure Island 3 first so that’s the series I’m sticking to. The usual story of rescue and the game hasn’t really changed coming from AI 3, but it’s nice to back and see where it started (kind of).

4. Duck Hunt/Hogan’s Alley – I mostly put this on the list just in case I don’t get a real NES Zapper. Shoot down Poultry whilst your dog congratulates you for doing so, PETA ain’t happy so give them Hogan’s Alley…at least you don’t shoot animals.

3. Super C – A manly sequel to a manly game series, it’s Super C and considering that I live in Europe surprisingly does not star robots. Germany ain’t happy with this at the moment…and mostly ashamed. We cool Germany! And for the American readers who didn’t understand the joke, google it.

2. Blaster Master – The next game I’m going to get on the service, we have an awesome game where you play as a car shooting stuff, it’s considered to be a classic amongst…US gamers…we had Chase HQ on ZX Spectrum…BEAT THAT!!!

1. Earthbound Beginnings – Yep, a game I already played but nice to have on my console…legally. It’s a fantastic game but why change the title. Think about it, it used to be called Earthbound Zero, it was a much better name, I guess they changed it to beginnings because it’s the supposed prequel to Earthbound but people aren’t that stupid and it just makes the title longer. What are they going to call Mother 3, Earthbound Revelations…please do not choose this title Nintendo.


5. Gradius/Life Force – I know Konami is Konami and Konami is the worst nowadays, but they sure made some classics, including these shoot ’em ups, something nice to play whilst waiting for your doctor at a surgery.

4. Clu Clu Land – Another game I’ve already reviewed, a puzzle game where you spin around in poles to make pictures, it’s an odd game but looks like great fun on my 3DS.

3. Wario’s Woods – This game has been meddling with my head for a while, I first played it on NES Remix and I had no idea how the game worked and I still don’t really know to this day…and because I’ve been reviewing Wario games which you’ll be seeing next year.

2. Mach Rider – I don’t know, I just wanted a racing game to play.

1. Mighty Final Fight – And because Nintendo doesn’t know how to beat ’em up properly, how about a cutesy beat ’em up, needs a name though, shoot ’em ups have cute ’em ups, so what about this.

Here’s to 30 years of classic gaming…and if you live in the UK WHY SHOULD WE CARE??? And no sale??? Shows how much you care Nintendo.


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