Mini-Review: Metroid: Zero Mission (Old Review)

Now last time I did a short ‘I tried’ review of Metroid and how I couldn’t play it based on the fact that I would get lost easily. But then I also said that I would play Zero Mission, the remake of Metroid to compensate this. And I did. Metroid: Zero Mission (メトロイド ゼロミッション Metoroido Zero Misshon), developed and published by Nintendo and was released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance.

So the story is basically the same though it adds some small additions including a scene that shows Samus as a child being looked after by some aliens.

So what are the differences? Well…everything! The gameplay is taken from Super Metroid so the game is more smooth and fluent; it just feels nice to play and feels right for me. The graphics have improved, giving more character to the game, though some backgrounds look like cheap comic book drawings and I’m not fond of them but other than that it’s great. The music is awesome, so memorable and fits the sci-fi setting. But there’s also one other thing about the game I have to give respect for, you still get stuck at places, it still makes you think of how to get to places and the secrets can be hidden very well, mostly to the point where you’ll be bombing every wall and floor just to see if a secret room gives you a upgrade. The game also adds new items, areas, and mini-bosses to up the pace of the game and we even get a new area not seen in the original game. And most importantly: IT HAS A MAP!!!

Overall, if you want to play the first Metroid game but have difficulties with getting lost, this is a great alternative and one of the best remakes made for the GBA, if not the best remakes of a classic game.

You can get it for the Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console.

Rating: 5/5

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