Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games I would like to Play/Get

The PlayStation 3 was a complete disaster back when it was released, with it being heavy as heck, it was overpriced and most importantly, it didn’t have any games people were interested in. But eventually it became a hit against Xbox 360. I got mine with Call of Duty: Black Ops, unfortunately though, it always froze when playing PS3 games but PS1 and PS2 games played fine. Apparently the reason why this happened was because the lens for the PS3 didn’t work properly and was a pretty common issue. When I tried to bring it back at GAME, they simply refused saying it was my fault because I placed it wrong which is BS. Later it got a yellow light of death. A year later I eventually got a brand new slim version of the PS3 which worked for several months before it stopped working but because it was new and under warranty I contacted Sony and they simply replaced my console and it’s still working ever since. It seems that newer consoles in my experience have too many problems compared to older consoles, my PS1 was in a garage for years and still works, it’s a living beast.

I like the design of the PS3, and I mean the slim version, the original version is ugly and heavy. The controller remains the same, but the L2 and R2 buttons have changed so they feel like they can do more and they feel great when playing racing games. In fact, my first experience with the PS3 was at someone’s house and I played a racing game, holding R2 to accelerate was very new to me since I was used to the cross button but I got used to it.

Overall, it’s a fantastic console and online gaming is free. Why did you have to make us pay for that when you made the PS4. So here’s some games that I haven’t got yet but would like to play.

10. Red Dead Redemption – Yee haw! Let’s get ready for a western version of Grand Theft Auto, made by the same developer that made it, meaning if you’re sadistic, no one is spared, not even the indians because this is the wild west. I wanted to play this because I heard a lot of great things about the game, hopefully it will be a better version of Gun, and Gun was good.

9. Transformers: War for/Fall of Cybertron – The Transformers have become successful as the 80’s TV show, in exchange for it’s dignity what with it having four awful movies and lackluster TV shows. But when High Moon Studios went ‘AH HELL NOOOOOOOOO’ and made two positively received games that respect the franchise and offers more than any movie made by Michael Bay. I even played the demo for Fall of Cybertron and I got interested in it.

8. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Not for the three games included, but for the bonus games Metal Gear 1 & 2. If you want a Metal Gear Solid review, I want to play those games first.

7. Dishonored – I was going to get the PS4 version but it’s far too similar from what I heard so I’ll get the Game of the Year Edition of the PS3 version. From what I know, it’s Thief but a great spiritual successor…though the actual Thief game was considered a disappointment. How ironic.

6. Ni No Kuni – A JRPG made by Studio Ghibli, I’m very interested in it. It’s sad though that the company is near defunct no thanks to anime boobs. God dang it GET A GIRLFRIEND!!!

5. Spec Ops: The Line – Yeah, it might be a military shooter and such. BUT!!! it has morals, there’s a point, it shows war isn’t fun and is very terrible and apparently, this game offers it. It’s a shooter I really want to play because of that.

4. Valkyria Chronicles – I’ve heard a lot of great things about this one, an anime style strategy game with very unique gameplay, I saw gameplay of it and it was perfect for me, despite my weakness of strategy but it does something new with it that it convinced me to try to get a copy of it.

3. InFamous 2 – I’ve had great memories with inFamous, though trying to find the sequel is strangely difficult, but I really want to play it before I get to Second Son. I actually did play a demo of inFamous 2 and it once again made me want to play the full version.

2. Journey – When I played the demo of this, it was beautiful, I’m not going to talk much about it, I just want to experience it before I can truly talk about it. Thank goodness it’s on a disc.

1. 3D Dot Game Heroes – This is a game that was truly for me. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find and it’s expensive. Taking inspirations of many retro games, especially The Legend of Zelda. It’s a shame that it’s heavily underrated and seen as a pricey game, I’ve seen it for £12, but nothing too lower than that.


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