Ghostbusters (NES) (Old Review)

With that game that should not be named out of the way, let’s steer into some more trash but appropriate trash. Ghostbusters, now I haven’t watched that movie in years and I remember enjoying it…well I only liked the marshmallow man scene, it was so epic to me as a child. But enough about the movie, the game, the god awful game for the NES…or is it?

The objective of the game is first, play as the logo on a map and wait ages for something to happen, in the mean time you can buy some goods to help you and this is where we come to the driving stage, you just have to go forward on a road, that’s it, hopefully knock over some gas barrels for fuel, the problem is that you have to be very close to the screen to accelerate and there are cars coming your way so being careful can be difficult. After getting the goods you wait even more until a building flashes and you have to go there and do the same driving section again, this is where you can catch ghosts, it’s a lucky streak when catching them, you have to make sure they are aligned with the ghost trap or they won’t be sucked into it.

You have to do this a few to several times until you can reach the final boss where you have to traverse about 25 stairs and so for the developers to take the mickey, they make you tap A and B, A for left and B for right, this is tiring and can cause damage to your hands so for health and safety…AUTO-FIRE ON! and even then it’s still difficult. Even worse is that there are ghosts everywhere and dodging is annoying. The last part of the game if you could actually get to the top is fighting Gonzo in a shoot ’em up type battle and this is the part where it actually represents a game.

My views on it…well the controls are ok, mostly because there are sections where you don’t need to be skilled in how you move, but the stairs level is a joke, it’s painful to control and even using auto-fire doesn’t make it any easier. The level design is poor, bland graphics, a design too simplistic and lethargically made, the music is the Ghostbusters theme…all through the entire game. It’s boring but not as hard as you think…that or the game is freaking random.

Overall, it’s an unenjoyable bore that if you’re lucky, it won’t take long to beat, but even then it’s not the worse game ever made but still a bad game nonetheless.

You can get it on the NES.

Rating: 2/5

Oh, and I can’t forget the end message:







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