Mobile September: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle (Old Review)

Dragon Ball, you’ve returned and since this is written in August, I don’t really know what’s happening this month with Dragon Ball Super. So we got a new DBZ game on mobile, the day I saw the game on the Google Play Store, I instantly downloaded it having no idea what I was going to get. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, developed and published by Namco Bandai and was released in Winter of 2014 in Japan before the west got it on July of 2015.

The game begins with someone summoning Shenron, wishing to encounter the strongest fighter around. The game stars Trunks of the Future (the cooler Trunks), and the Time Patrol. Trunks is called by North Kaiō to investigate the a dimensional distortion. After winning the Tenkaichi Budōkai tournament, Trunks finds out a rumor about a mysterious person targeting and attacking martial arts masters. So the story has similarities to Xenoverse, but it’s more of an original story which is cool.

So the game is set in a board, you press buttons that have different numbers, you can go around and collect different items. Whenever you land on an enemy, you battle them. In battle, the player’s deck comes into play, and your deck is in the form of different coloured balls. Each character has a represented colour, you can pick a colour ball and the fighter will attack depending on the colours they’re using, picking balls based on a character’s colour, so a red character will need red balls to increase their ki and the attacks are much greater, collecting rainbow balls next to the coloured balls will also increase your attacks and colleting a certain amount of the matching coloured balls for the matching character will enable you to use the Super Attack, each character’s signature move. So it’s a simple RPG in a sense as you do get XP for each character. At the end of a level you’ll battle a boss based on the story, defeating the enemy will give you free items, and even unlocking the boss to be your ally, and partner up with other allies from what I assume other people.

So this is an example of a game where I enjoyed it for a while but got bored of it REAL fast, it’s a very repetitive game. The music is good and I love the opening theme, I like the level design and that’s about it mostly.

Overall, it’s another gimmicky mobile game with DBZ tacked on. But it’s sad seeing that video gaming from what I’ve heard isn’t as popular as before but mobile and handheld gaming is doing well.

You can get it on iOS and Android.



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