Mobile September – Fruit Ninja (Old Review)


I will be noticed by senpai. I will waste what nature has given us and senpai will notice me. I will understand the metaphor of disliking fruit in order to eat more junk food and senpai will finally notice me. By doing this, I will become a true Fruit Ninja, a name my senpai will give to me. Ridiculous opening aside, Fruit Ninja, developed by Halfbrick Studios and was first released in 2010.


So the aim of the game is to slice fruit, using your finger to swipe the screen, simulating slicing fruit, you get points for slicing multiple fruit with one swipe. Make sure to swipe as much fruit as you can, if 3 fruit drop without getting sliced, its game over. Be sure to avoid bombs or the game is automatically over. There are two other modes, Zen mode allows you to get a high score without bombs appearing, however, you only get 1:30. There’s also an Arcade mode where you get a minute to achieve a high score.


Now what I like about the game is that it’s very simple but not so addictive. Back when this was first released, I played it and I loved it, it was just one mode and that was it. I recently downloaded it again after a long hiatus and there’s way too many modes, way too many extra stuff I don’t care about and just a complete mess. I guess it’s because when it first came out, it was just simple as humanly possible, but the game got popular, so it’s best to add extra things on top of extra things and it’s a bit too much even for a mobile game. And it’s kind of difficult reviewing a game this simple, because you just slice fruit, I do enjoy the fact that there is some sort of strategy to it, trying to avoid bombs and trying not to drop unsliced fruit.

Overall, Fruit Ninja is another addictive mobile game where strategy is king even if you don’t know it’s there but with 2 modes that kind of feel the same with little to no differences, its best that it left with just one mode, the original mode.

You can get it on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Bada, Windows, Xbox 360 (XBLA), Facebook, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One.



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