Top 5 Mario Games

It’s the 30th anniversary of the all-famous Italian plumber. Super Mario is one of the most recognisable and all around most beloved characters in the gaming industry, he single-handedly saved the gaming industry in America (Europe was fine and we didn’t experience the crash), and was the main reason why Sonic exists. So to celebrate I’m going to do a quick top 5 of my all time favourite Mario games I’ve played and here it is. Keep in mind that I haven’t played all the Mario games and recommend me some Mario games to play.

5. Donkey Kong – Yep, this is Mario’s debut where he must rescue Pauline from the other world famous character in the form of a gorilla, I really find it addictive though I play it in short bursts, after many playthroughs it’s a fairly simple game that gets harder everytime you beat the game. It’s a game that still holds up today in terms of challenge and strategy and what was a challenging arcade game at the time is now a nice pick up and play game on handheld devices.

4. Super Mario Bros. – Of course the original game is going to be in there. Despite the controls feeling off and how difficult it is even for me, I’ve played this game for years and still haven’t beaten it. It’s the game that saved a billion dollar industry and it didn’t take a muscular man or a cute cuddly thing (that being Kirby but we’re not talking about him yet), all it took was a portly Italian plumber and a strange and dark story to get the industry up and running again.

3. Super Mario Land – This was the game that introduced me to Mario and one of my first Game Boy games I got and it’s a game I will always treasure, and it’s the game I can beat with no issues whatsoever nowadays. Join Mario as he goes to another world to rescue Princess Daisy who has the smarts to keep herself safe from then on. Good on you Daisy, at least you’re less prone to getting kidnapped than Peach.

2. Super Mario 64 – Thanks to my Wii and Virtual Console, I was able to play a game that I consider to be the best 3D Mario game of all time, mostly because it felt like true exploration, it’s a shame though that we don’t get another Mario game like this, I suppose Banjo-Kazooie and Yooka-Laylee may need to fill that void in. It’s a fantastic adventure with hours of gameplay, and that’s all I want.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3 – This is the true 2D Mario I grew up with and forever treasure it, but why do I like this game over say Super Mario World? Well me and my friend had Mario games for the GBA, I had SMB 3 and he had SMW, he considers it to be his favourite game whilst my favourite is the third game.

But all these games have something in common. I played these games as a child, and it’s the right time to play these kinds of games. Whilst I was more of a Sonic fan, I also played Mario titles and they were fantastic and I had so much gaming memories with them. But now Mario is 30, so what will Mario’s future compose of, considering that Nintendo haven’t really changed much about the character, he’s been the same throughout his entire life, in fact, the games haven’t changed at all, just alterations to keep the game fresh. How could you change this series? What could they do to keep the series fresh? Who knows, that’s Nintendo to decide and considering that they haven’t fully kept up with the times, it’s going to be a long time before any of that happens. Until then, Happy Birthday Mario, hopefully your future gives us…Mario games. Don’t ever change?


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