Mobile September – The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird (Old Review)

So what happens when you make a game so simple it becomes a success for you only to discover that you’re making a lot of money out of it and you see what has happened to people when playing it only to remove it because you don’t understand how the mobile gaming market works. You get Flappy Birds, developed by Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen and published by .GEARS Studios.

So what is the game like? You control a bird and you have to tap it and traverse through pipes without touching the pipes, passing through pipes gets you a point…AND THAT’S IT!!! Though it is difficult at first to even do that since the pipes are so narrow and close you have to strategically tap. It’s fun and addictive but has the same problems as Angry Birds, after a while it gets so repetitive and I haven’t played it in ages. The graphics are questionable to many since they look like 16-bit Nintendo graphics, in fact the pipes look as if they’re straight from the Super Mario series.

This game was developed by one guy, Dong Nguyen, made in about two to three days and just published it for three on mobile devices, and people saw it and loved it, while critics didn’t like it for being too hard (how unprofessional!), some critics and the public saw the game for what it was, a nice addictive game that angered anyone who played it. This game was so popular Doug was getting a staggering $50,000 a day on in-game advertisements, keep in mind he made this game in 2-3 days, if I made a game that was to get that kind of money, do you think I would be here making this blog? Joking aside, Doug had a lot of guilt for making an addictive game, possibly turning people into angry monsters, so he decided to take down the game.

And because of this people who still had the game on their phones tried to sell their phones on eBay for high prices with the game included. Many companies started making their own clones which were worse than the original game and to make matters worse, Doug got numerous amount of death threats because of the removal of the app, this deletion of the game certainly did more anarchy than when the game was still up. But I do kind of feel sorry for Doug, I mean removing the game wasn’t the best step, but I hope he realised that this is the mobile market, whether a game is big or small it’s going to find success, and if this success is making him ill, then at least he had a legitimate reason for removing it, another example of someone who just couldn’t take the heat (I also feel sorry for Notch).

Though he did eventually re-release it, albeit, remade it as Flappy Birds Family, where there are many more obstacles and multiplayer, all’s well…for those who have Amazon Fire TV, one step at a time I guess.

Though it has hopefully taught everyone a lesson, even if you have the best graphics in your game, it doesn’t mean the gameplay is going to be great and even if the graphics are old, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game and Flappy Bird proved otherwise.

I’m not giving it a score, I mean, the game is far too simple, it’s a small game that has a simple premise, although it has its weaknesses, it a small mobile game, how can it be rated like other games I’ve done.


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