Mobile September – Jetpack Joyride (Old Review)

Now there are mobile games in which you have to move and do something at the same time, I can’t get used to those, playing an FPS on a mobile doesn’t feel natural, I like physical buttons to play games like that, but I can play touchscreen mobile games that enable you to press one thing. I know Angry Birds does this and does it well, it’s gets boring after a while, but then there is something a little different, Jetpack Joyride, developed and published by Halfbrick Studios, it’s an endless running game with a slight difference.

Barry Steakfries works for a gramophone company that’s going out of business, one day while walking home, he sees some scientists making a jetpack in a secret lab. Thinking he might find some good uses for it, he bursts through the entrance and steals the jetpack, starting the game.

The game consists of tapping and holding your finger on screen to control Barry, the aim of the game is to fly the jetpack, instead of fire coming out of the jetpack, bullets come out and you can use them to kill the scientists from above, whilst avoiding many obstacles like electric zappers, lasers and missiles, you can collect coins to buy many items in The Stash and even, occasionally, spin tokens which you can use in a slot machine to get special items including coins, extra spin tokens, a head-start, a player revival, and explosives that can propel the player’s body some distance after death. But if you don’t wish to spin the slot, they can cash in each spin token for 50 coins. It’s the extra things that make the game addictive as it’s supposed to.

During the game there will be rainbow boxes, these give you power-ups at random, The available vehicles are Bad As Hog (a chopper), Mr. Cuddles (a mecha dragon), Crazy Freaking Teleporter (a teleport device), “Gravity Suit” (the suit used by Gravity Guy, providing the same ability), and Profit Bird (a bird-shaped plane which ejects banknotes), these are really bizarre power-ups yet they somehow add more fun to the game. The graphics are very nice looking, the settings are also creative, and since it’s a secret lab anything can happen in the still background.

As someone who had gotten bored of Angry Birds, why am I not bored of this game? Well there’s a chance of getting coins so you can unlock stuff, which makes me want to play it more, there is no special versions of it, just one game, it does one thing but by buying items you can change the gameplay a bit, compared to Angry Birds in which you do one thing but they try to change things but still have the repetitive gameplay there, I don’t have to worry about this since this is one game, it gives you stuff to change up the gameplay and that’s why I like this game it’s simple but it doesn’t throw anything extreme at your face that plays the same.

You can get it on iOS, Flash, Android, PlayStation Network, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.



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