Mobile September – Angry Birds (Old Review)

The mobile gaming market is huge, it’s turning everyone into gamers, which is a good thing, I grew up playing Space Impact and Snake on my mum’s Nokia monochrome phones (Ah the nostalgia), but now we have touchscreen phones and there are many creative possibilities. So how come the rip-offs seem to be the most popular, the most played games that copy other game’s mechanics, paint it with their own images and publish it as their original (I’m looking at you King, I can say Candy and you can’t stop me), but this has been going on for years, with Missile Command and Paratrooper.

But the most successful rip-off is Angry Birds, developed and published by Rovio Entertainment. So what’s the story, well some pigs have stolen some eggs from the birds and the birds take revenge by attacking the pigs to get the eggs back, it’s a simple story for a simple game.

And the game is so simple, you just slingshot birds and launch them at pigs who are stationed in different structures, you must kill all the pigs in each level to finish it, in later levels you get power-ups, sometimes they can help but most of the time you can rely on skills (although it really doesn’t take any skills to play this game).

There are many different types of birds which change up the gameplay, you got the red bird, the default bird, the blue bird who can split himself into three, the yellow bird, who can zoom into a structure and do more damage, a white bird, who can lay an explosive egg at the pigs, a big red bird, who can just destroy anything it touches, a black bird, who can blow himself up, and Stella, the pink bird, who can blow bubbles on structures and can go up in the air (wait, the pink bird is the only character in the series that has a name).

And that’s really it for the gameplay, there’s nothing much to talk about, except for the fact that there are more games in the series, including spin-offs and compilations, there have been Seasons, Rio, Space, Star Wars I and II, Friends, Go!, Epic and even a Transformers, apart from Go! Which is a kart game and Epic which is an RPG, the other games are completely the same, very little differences but pretty much the same gameplay, and this is where I got bored of the series, it was quite fun for a while but it soon becomes stale and no changes to the gameplay isn’t going to convince me to play it again. Heck, there’s an Angry Birds 2 now, after all this time it’s now getting a sequel.

But it’s not stopping people from playing it, in fact it’s so popular that it has other merchandise through the roof, including toys, books and drinks, it has theme park rides and attractions, it has a television series and even a movie coming out in 2016, this series is huge, but not one I’m taking part in.

But, I will give praise for at least turning nearly everyone into a gamer, for those who deny it to be a true game, if you can control something that will enable you to win, it’s a game, it’s simple, it’s addictive, it’s part of our pop culture, it’s Angry Birds, and for some reason it hasn’t died down like Crazy Frog…where did he go?

You can get it on FREAKING EVERYWHERE!!!

Rating: 3/5


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