Mini-Review: C_So!

Oh hey, it’s the SG-1000…what was it again? It was Sega’s first console and not the Master System. It was released in 1983 and was completely discontinued in 1985, and that’s what you get for releasing it the same day as the Famicom. It was a Japan-only console and even then it failed in terms of sales. The console only had 68 standard cartridge games and 29 Sega Card games, so it had 97 games in total. Being a game collector, I think this will be the last console I’ll own…and I also said that when I thought of the Atari 2600, now I have one. But I do have an emulator for now. So it’s RANDOM GAME TIME! C_So! Developed by Compile and published by Sega. The game was originally a port of an MSX game going by the same name, that version was published by Pony Canyon (Enter MLP: FIM quotes here, I won’t judge).

The aim of the game is to collect different items in each area and defeat monsters by using see-saws. And that’s it! Whilst this may be simple and straightforward, it’s quite challenging, especially for someone at beginners experience when it comes to C-So! These monsters come in different variations, they can just move, can jump, may follow you but this can be used to your advantage, you can either crush them with the see saws or you can make them follow you so if you’re at the end of the see saw and they’re about to touch you, you can try to make them stand on that side, walk to the other side and make them fly to the ceiling and kill them. Each area will be different and different strategies will apply. You can also collect balloons for bonus points. The graphics is a cross between a very old arcade game and Atari 2600 graphics, so not so good but I’ll let it pass. The music is quite catchy but it can get repetitive as it’s the only level music in the game. The game also has an edit mode where you can make your own levels, so that’s interesting.

Did you Know? South Korean company Joy Soft made a pirate port of the MSX port to the SG-1000.

Overall, it’s a simple arcade game that was only released in Japan, but I really liked playing it and I would have another go at it again in the future. But it’s one of those games that nobody knows unless you live in Japan.

You can get it on the MSX and the SG-1000.



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