Sonic Dreams Collection (Old Joke Post)

So I was given a file from a friend. He said that the game contained unreleased Sonic games that Sega has never talked about. I thought “Oh boy!, this will be great to talk about in my gaming blog”. So I booted up the file and some weird computer text and red background appears, this appears to be the loading screen.

The title screen comes up and offers me to select one of four unreleased games; first up is Make a Sonic from 1996. Apparently it was meant to be a feature of SEGANET but never happened for some reason. So Make a Sonic is basically morphing and colouring Sonic and naming it a random name The Hedgehog. You can take a picture of it and send to SEGANET…it doesn’t work, and I thought “of course, the SEGANET wouldn’t work now”.

Next up is Eggman Origins, I tried to play the game but SEGANET doesn’t work so to the next one.

Next up is Sonic Movie Maker, where you can film scenes with Sonic characters. First was a backyard scene with Sonic as a baby, I used a camera in-game to film him. Next up was a Prom setting where Sonic and Rouge are dancing, though it looks like they’re flailing around. Next is a Hotel and insidefurbwgfvrvarnvurvunuvintribvtiubnvitaiburai. Next up is Sonic chained to a table for some reason and you have tofbeswucauivcouivbrbuovnruovubruovouunvonvornovnornvor. Next up is Sonic at the hospitaldnuenfuirivirnivibninside someone’sienfciernvinrvrubvciuirewovcoivirn. I…REALLY…LOVE……………this Movie Maker, it’s quite the innovative and I wish Sega would release it back in the day.

Next up is Sonic’s Roommate. This is a VR game that was supposed to be released alongside a device Sega planned but was cancelled. You play as some guy sitting next to Sonic watching TV. Dr. Eggman watches and texts you from the window, for some reason he asks you to tickle Sonic andnfuweofneruowbfouerwubwelcomenfoenowfinoyou’renfiueuifingfurgurtheucfebuvburbudreamcastfienfcoenofbuerwbfouerbvufoebvuornweouvw.

eafyuubneuobnfnesscfeuwbcvueowbvuoebvuonebwuovcIcnenvcewbvcuebnfeelnceiwncoenwrouwgoodcuoewnucnewso my friend asked me if I found the username and password to access SEGANET, I said I didn’t. He gave me the account to open up SEGANET and so I did, after loading up it was activated. I was also told to send my Sonic Avatar I made in Make a Sonic and send it to SEGANET and it was a success.

I went to Eggman Origins and wexcrtbyomponijugyftdxtcfybhnjibvucxzwrexcyvubhinjobihgcfyxdtcfyvbhinjougvcxtecyvubinjfeedcvgbhnjonidsedtcfyghbjknbihvcyyrvgbhnmecvbhjnohyxtdgvbhinjobivgcxtcfygvubhpiiiingasexrcytb]iuopnubvcxtcyvgubinjokmpnobuiyvyxtcfyvhbijnokobjihvucxycguvbhnomobvtucvhbjnjacendsedrtfugibunobivxrcyvubihjhvgucfysonicxerctvuybiytzxtdcfygvuvascendhuiycctuvbinohi



Upload Complete!


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