My Experience with Enter the Matrix (Old Review)

So here’s something new I want to try out. This isn’t full reviews but mostly talk about games that are such a bother to continue playing that I just give up, meaning I won’t talk about everything. Now these could be any game either good or bad (but mostly bad), they won’t get ratings because I didn’t fully experience the entire game but it’s just those that are so bad or so annoying to play that it just puts me off. The first one is a movie license game that was hyped up as massive as Destiny…with the same results, but a little worse. Enter the Matrix, developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Atari and Bandai in Japan and was released in 2003. So this game was released the same month The Matrix Reloaded was released. 

So what is The Matrix? Well it was a film trilogy made by the The Wachowskis (formerly The Wachowski Brothers before Larry had a sex change and is now Lana). It was about a computer nerd called Neo who finds out that he has been trapped in a machine called the Matrix along with nearly all the human beings. You see, the world Neo used to live in is actually a fake and in reality he was connected to a make-believe world. He leaves the world and enters a dystopian heck hole where a group of people are fighting against the machine to…and my mind was blank, there’s kung-fu fighting and it looks awesome, everyone wears black leather and/or black, forgettable philosophies and the first movie was good but the sequels suck now lets move on to the game.

So you play as either Ghost and Niobe…and NOT Neo, the main character that everyone wanted to play as, as you go around levels beating the snot out of people. So the controls when it comes to moving is a bit clunky but passable since at least I can mostly go where I need to go without too much stressing out. Now when making a game like Matrix, the fighting has to be fast, fluent and just awesome. NOPE! The combat here is plain awful, you can punch and kick, though it looks like the character is flailing around most of the time, when fighting enemies, it feels unnatural since it doesn’t look like I’m hitting anyone, the feedback is really that bad, and even when the enemy is face down on the floor, you can still punch him to death to make him stay down, it’s completely broken. Doing objectives are OK to an extent, half the time I forget that I have objectives because sometimes there will be an arrow to tell you where to go, though it only shows up in linear, more smaller paths. But in bigger areas, there’s no arrows at times and for the most part, you need the arrow for some parts of the game and you may get lost at times and then suddenly find the exit and I’m like “UUH!”.

Later in the game there will be police officers with guns. You can use weapons too but the gunplay is as bad as the fighting, with inaccurate aiming and poor first-person feature to gun down enemies. The game also has a focus mode, activating it slows down time and you can perform some better moves and dodge bullets. To be fair it is the best part of the game and the moves look much better, but it still doesn’t improve the combat that much. And then there is bullet time, the synonymous part of the movie that has the most iconic scenes in history, AND THEY BLEW IT! Max Payne, released around 2001, perfected the bullet time gameplay, making that game the best Matrix game never made.

So why did I stop and not continue…it’s really repetitive, the fact that due to the smooth tank controls, I kept dying due to getting shot constantly and the gameplay is just terrible. The thing is, I had a PS2 port, but I waited until I got the GameCube port since it’s been dubbed the best port, but even then it’s still a bad game. From what I played, it’s a poorly rushed movie license that somehow got hype because the Wachowskis were involved in it. Nowadays their movies haven’t been either successful or been good, they have potential but they love to make overly long, boring, pretentious films that are The Matrix but with licks of paint for the most part. There is no overall opinion but I guess everyone didn’t like this game anyway.

Oh, and The Animatrix WAS AWESOME!

Oh and here’s a note. Doctor Who has a super computer called The Matrix, and it contains a micro-universe where you can enter into it by connecting your brain into it and go into the universe…COINCIDENCE???



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