Mini-Review: Sega Classics Arcade Collection 5-in-1: Limited Edition


Here it is, the first of what I label a Mini-Review, in which I will write a review in about 500 words or a bit more rather than the full 1000+ word reviews. So to start of…

The Mega Drive had some true classics and had a good battle with Nintendo, then the Sega CD came to kill it quick and the other add-on that should not be named came to finish it off. The Sega CD had some decent classics too…albeit a few. But it had a compilation with some decent games…tis a shame though that they were games you probably already had. Sega Classics Arcade Collection 5-in-1 was a series of 5 Sega games in one CD. In the US, they had a 4-in-1 compilation; it was bundled with some Sega CD add-ons as well as Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective but mostly Sewer Shark. Europe had 5 so we got one extra game. A year after we got it, the US eventually got the 5-in-1 version.

There are 5 games included:

•Golden Axe
•Revenge of Shinobi
•Streets of Rage
•Super Monaco GP

These is the same games from the Mega Drive with small changes and that is the music. Golden Axe has external CD audio, meaning they took the music from the arcade version and put it on the game. Columns have CD audio on the start screen and Streets of Rage had the voices enhanced. I didn’t like the new audio; it takes something away from the game that made it fun despite the unbalanced gameplay. Remember the blood curdling screams from the Mega Drive, they were changed to people saying a small ‘ow’, it really takes something epic and make it dull, just by changing the small things. Another issue I have is this is one of the most pointless compilations I have, since I have all of these games on the Mega Drive anyway, at the time you probably already had the games already, add to the fact that at the time of the release of this compilation you could buy these games for the same price as they would sell the collection.

Overall, this is nothing special, if you already have the games there’s no point in getting it, not even the changes in terms of audio can change anything. The best case scenario would be if they released some of the original arcade ports, I’m sure Sega CD could handle it. Oh well.

You can get it for the Sega CD.



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