Mega Man (Game Gear) (Old Review)

So Mega Man Legacy Collection is coming soon, all the Mega Man games are accounted for…checks online…oh, only 1-6? Well seeing as I have an NES and I can access the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console…as well as emulation…no, just no, it’s not really a legacy collection, the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection IS a legacy collection because it has ALL the main Metal Gear games, but this is just ridiculous. But what could be worse than a bad compilation? A bad 8-bit Mega Man game for the Sega Game Gear, developed by Freestyle, licensed by Capcom, and published by U.S. Gold; it was released in 1995. Oh, did I tell you it was released on a handheld that is too difficult to find a working console.

This game is based on Mega Man 4 and 5 on the NES, and you only battle four robot masters and Dr. Cossacks’ Fortress. The four robot masters consist of Bright Man, Napalm Man, Star Man, and Stone Man though Dr. Cossacks’ Fortress contains Wave Man’s and Toad Man’s levels where you need to battle each of them in their levels. The graphics are respectable to the NES counterparts, but the music isn’t that great, were probably much better in the NES versions. Everything else is HORRIBLE, it has the same problem Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis had…screen crunching, if you thought Mega Man was difficult enough, the screen crunching is terrible because you don’t know what’s going to appear and before you can react to it, you’re already dead. And because of this and the fact there’s a lot of leaps of faith, makes it near unplayable.

Overall, this is the most frustrating Mega Man game I’ve ever played for the wrong reasons. US Gold, you were responsible for hurting Strider, now Mega Man. The sad thing is I can’t find any information about Freestyle apart from the people that made DJ Hero. I wouldn’t recommend this one, and seeing as there are Game Boy ports, I’m kind of scared now.

You can get it on the Sega Game Gear…hopefully to play on a working system.

Rating: 1/5


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