Top 10 Wii Games I Want to Get

And here is the Revolution, or the Wii, released in 2006 to literally everyone. This was the first console in which anyone could play it, even the elderly. The console consists of motion controlled games, you have a Wii Remotes and Nunchucks and you can move it around depending on what game can use it well. Wii Sports was the game to show off the console’s motion controls. I got mine about two years before it’s launch, it came with Wii Sports and it was fun to play at the time. The first proper game I got for it was Super Mario Galaxy, the game that made me want to get the Wii for and I didn’t regret it. I also got a card for the Virtual Console, I got Super Mario 64 and Street Fighter II. I have to thank Virtual Console since this gave me my first experience with Super Mario 64 and as you know is one of my favourite 3D Mario games.

The console is a white, bent rectangular console, small and compact but a very strong console, it’s been dropped a number of times and have survived each fall. The Wii Remote and the Nunchuck is great, the motion capabilities are accurate with great feedback. Overall, this isn’t the best console Nintendo have made, but it’s certainly a game changer and proved that anyone could play games no matter who you are. But the problem is the console at the end of the day is a gimmick and like all gimmicks get dull overtime, motion controlled games are considered dated after a few years time which is why PlayStation Move and even Kinect have failed miserably. Another problem is the truckload of games released, there is too much shovelware to the point where the reason it’s hard to collect for it because there’s just too many and the fact that I don’t have much room, but here’s a list of games I want to get for it, mostly the remaining ones I want to get before trying to promise myself never to buy anymore Wii games.

10. De Blob – I did play this once and it’s really fun, though it might be repetitive, it’s cool for any OCD sufferers…I don’t, but I try to colour everything. So the game consists of playing as de Blob as you try to colour a monochrome city because it’s another anti-corporate game = more hypocrisy. Prices go from £1.

9. Xenoblade Chronicles – Now that I have free time I”ve been wanting to play games from various genres, Xenoblade Chronicles is one I’ve been wanting to play for a while. And also because Shulk is in Super Smash Bros so I want to get to know the character and the game itself. Prices go from £45, though the New 3DS port is much cheaper, but do I feel comfortable playing an RPG like this on the go.

8. Sonic Colours – AAAAAAAAAAAAAND Sonic Boom is getting a sequel, what happens when you get Fire and Water? You get Sega not giving a darn about anything anymore. Well this Sonic game is a recommendation from fans, then again, many of them like Sonic 06. So what do we have in this installment? ALIENS! Prices go from £5.

7. Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies – So this is a good ol’ rail shooter, a sequel to a game that was never released outside of Japan. This is another game I don’t know anything about and I always like to be surprised. Prices go from £7-£8

6. Punch-Out!!! – Only Nintendo could make boxing games fun, from the 80’s with Mike ‘Ear-Muncher’ Tyson’s Punch-Out!!!, the 90’s with Super Punch Out!!! and the 00’s with this game, I’ve never properly played any of these games and it’s a series of games in which a black man endorsed the very first game…which didn’t last too long for many, MANY reasons. Prices go from £5.

5. Ōkami – Now here’s the thing, it was released on the PS2 and I could get it for both or any one but it’s a very popular game with a unique art style and cool gameplay for a dog and it’s one I’ve always wanted to play but is a bit pricey no matter what port it is. Prices go from £8-£10.

4. Super Paper Mario – I did own the game years ago but sold it because I was disinterested to it. Mostly because it was an RPG and I was used to Super Mario Bros 3 gameplay. I regret it and it’s a game I’ve wanting to get and apologise. Prices go from £10.

3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – I just want to get it by the time I finish the first two games, if I ever finish them. And mostly because Metroid Prime Trilogy is way too expensive. And mostly because I don’t want Other M Samus droning on and on. Prices go from £3.

2. Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo – It’s another game I want just because it has Dragon Ball in the title and it’s based on the original Dragon Ball series. Who’s excited for Dragon Ball Super. Prices go from £10-£15.

1. Donkey Kong Country Returns – Oh Donkey Kong, for years we worshipped the dong and we finally got a sequel to the fantastic DKC series from the Super Nintendo. I played a little bit of it and it was quite difficult…just like the original..YAY!!! Prices go from £8.


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