Sam & Max Hit the Road

So how did I get to this point? Since this game was the last game I think I would ever play and review lately. Well it all started with The Nostalgia Critic’s mini show ‘Was That Real?’ and in one of his episodes he reviewed Sam & Max: Freelance Police!!! I got interested in the show and I went and watched all 24 episodes since 22 out of the 24 episodes lasts 10 minutes so it’s easy to digest. The show is similar to Animaniacs in terms of wackyness, other than that it’s a strange strange show, even for kids, the jokes come flying by and you’ll miss it, but I still found the show funny nonetheless and it was at that point that I was ready to play Sam & Max Hit the Road, developed and published by LucasArts and was released in 1993. The original Sam & Max comics were created by Steve Purcell and Dave Purcell…well Dave signed the rights to his brother Steve, making him the sole creator. The comics were first published in 1987, starting with Monkeys Violating The Heavenly Temple, which is the only comic I’ve read so far.

So before we get to the plot, Sam the Dog & Max the Rabbit are Freelance Police who solve many cases in the most craziest of ways, and in this game, based off one of their comics On the Road, they’re solving the mystery of two missing circus freaks, Bruno the Bigfoot and Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Girl by travelling all across the American tourists sites. This story is the epitome of random, quirkyness and downright weirdness, and I love it, it’s a memorable story and the humor helps with this.

Now bare with me since this is a point-and-click graphical adventure game and this is the first one I’ve played fully, and also with a guide because I suck and this is also the first point-and-click game I’ve ever reviewed so please bare with me. So you go around America solving puzzles using items you’ve found to get further into the next part of the story. The game consists of various locations including a Carnival, restaurant Snucky’s, Fish World, The World’s Biggest Ball of Twine and many more. The puzzles are very difficult, to the point where I needed the hintbook that came with the game, please keep in mind that I’m started to play adventure games, in fact the next game in the LucasArts games I plan to fully play is The Secret of Monkey Island so stay tuned. This is also the first game to use full speaking voices for a PC game, Max, voiced by Bill Farmer, the current voice of Goofy, fits very well with the noir looking detective; and Max, voiced by Nick Jameson, plays a really hyperkinetic and anarchistic lagomorph. The music has a jazz score that fits well with the game for some strange reason due to it’s wacky humor. The graphics are fantastic and it’s cartoony feel to the game design ages the game very well.

Overall, this is a fantastic game, it’s up there as one of my favourite games of all time, the gameplay is fun but very challenging, the jokes are hilarious, the story is overly wacky but overly fun, it’s adult tone kind of gives it it’s uniqueness. So if I had to play either this over Watch Dogs, I’m picking Sam & Max, all because it cracks me up.

You can get it on PC, Mac OS, Windows and Amiga.



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