Top 5 PlayStation Vita Games I Want to Get

Next up is the PlayStation Vita, a handheld device I didn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole…then more games came round and I became intrigued. I have a PSP and I only use it for homebrew, otherwise it would have been in its case for many centuries. I have played it and it’s way too big, and I have big hands, the model 2 looks smaller and slimmer and I was going to get that version, but the original was cheaper so I got the original. The best feature for this console is a second analog stick, which was sadly missing from the PSP so that’s a big plus in my book.

5. Little Big Planet Marvel Super Hero Edition – I played it on the PS3 and I liked it but I was so used to the PSP port since while it was limited it was simpler, but the Vita port has some similarities to the first game, proving how powerful the console is. Prices go from £13-£18.

4. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – This is something to hold since I haven’t played the trilogy yet, and it’s getting a movie that looks crap…yay. Prices go from £12.

3. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – I also want to get it for PS3 but I just like the Dragon Ball series, just another series of fighting games that still sell well because it’s Dragon Ball Z. And also because of the new Cha-La Head Cha-La remastered song and it’s AWESOME!!! Prices go from £37.

2. Persona 4 Golden – This is the problem with the series, there’s too many games, there’s the main games, the spin-offs, the spin-off’s main series within spin-offs, I call the series Persona-ception, but I’ll just start off with whatever I get since I don’t care. Prices go from £20.

1. Unit 13 – I think it’s just to see if the Vita can be good enough to play FPS games. Prices go from £11.


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