Sports Games – The Annual Definition of Pointlessness (Old Post)

So picture this, you go to a charity shop (or the thrift store as the US calls it), you’re hankering for some games for the cheap, you find the shelves where they store the games…AND LO AND BEHOLD THE SHELVES ARE FULL OF FIFA, FIFA, FIFA, IF IT ISN’T FIFA, ITS PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER AND PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER, IF IT ISN’T PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER, ITS MADDEN, MADDEN, MADDEN, IF IT ISN’T MADDEN, IT’S THIS IS FOOTBALL…AND SO ON AND SO FORTH.

Apologies, but I hate sports games, but not in the way you think. So I will give credit to EA finally adding female football leagues to their new FIFA 16 game and that’s all the credit they’re going to get. Now Sports games have been around since video gaming began, heck, one of the first successful mainstream games Pong is technically a sports game, as the years go by, more and more sports games have been produced and have been improving their gameplay to make it as realistic as possible, this is fine. But have you ever thought that sports games needed some kind of restraint? Because there is WAY TOO MANY SPORTS GAMES! I mean you could fill your whole house with just sports games and you’d still have no room. There’s sports games being released every year, again we have FIFA 16, Madden NFL 16, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, NHL 16, NBA Live 16, NBA 2K16 and WWE 2K16 being released this year and by the next year, we’ll have another set for 2017, it just never ends.

Now I would be fine with it, I would absolutely be fine with it…if it wasn’t for the fact that after buying the latest installment, the previous game is considered old news, no good to anyone anymore and within the year, the previous games get sent to either the game shops that allow trade-ins, or the charity shop and they take up all of the shelves when it comes to selling games there and it really irks me. They fill up second hand shops everywhere; I go to Cash Converters at my town centre, and they have stacks of sports games for the PS2 for 59p, nobody touches them with a ten foot pole. Nobody wants old sports games, as for me, I do buy FIFA games and any kind of sports games…so long as they’re less than 50p, heck, I got a Football game for 5p, that’s 8 American cents. Do you see the problem? It’s like getting your 15 minutes of fame, everyone loves and appreciate you, until some clone of you who can do better things than you is much more beloved, you on the other hand will still have your fans, but they’ll soon leave you and you end up in a shelter, forgotten by everyone, but you take comfort knowing that 1. You’re not alone and all the other clones feel the same way and have ended up in the same fate as you and 2. The new clone will end up with the same fate as you at the end (welp, I have a new idea for a novel, ORIGINAL STORY, DO NOT STEAL).

Sports games have their place as being pretty good all the way, at the cost of ending up being pointless, the annual amount of sports games is pointless and annoying, I wouldn’t be surprised if these games weren’t buried along with normal trash. So why do EA and the likes of 2K Sports release endless amounts of sports games every single year without fail? Well, you buy it and thus, if you’re willing to buy it every year, they’re going to make more. I assume the audience for these games are casual gamers (no need to call them scrubs…what does that even mean?) and many more experienced gamers hate sports games, mostly because they do release them every year and they hate gamers who buy them. The internet, what’s to love eh?

But I noticed that it’s not just sports games anymore that repetitively release games annually, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, _Insert Mario Game Here_ and Battlefield. But again, we have no one to blame but ourselves, we buy it, we play it, we complain about it, as for the company making and/or publishing them, they have your money, and they will release another one because we’ll happily buy it…and complain. (Oh, remember when I said that I’m usually patient when it comes to gaming, well I brought a 500GB PS4…about two weeks before the announcement of a 1TB PS4 (insert Everybody Hates Chris jingle).

Now the next part is collecting sports games and its value, now for me is all about collecting any game possible, and collecting old sports is as easy as pie and they’re cheap as chips, but alas their value sinks to an all time low, possibly because there’s just too many; there are rare sports games but not as much as other games from other genres.

Overall, are sports games necessary? I would say yes, but, here’s what should happen, buy a FIFA game and release a big update every year with all new features. They could do this with all sports games…just don’t do it with games from other genres and it’s not because I hate sports games, I don’t, I’m just sick and tired of them being released every year, only for them to clutter second hand and charity shops.

But what do I think of sports games as a gamer? They just feel the same, play the same, are the same, but it depends on when the game was released, how they’ve improved the game over the years and not every year. This article was made in the fact that I always go to charity shops and Cash Generators or Cash Converters and see FIFA and Madden games clutter the shelves all the time, knowing that no one, and I mean, no one will touch them. I on the other hand will pick up cheap sports games for preservation, I have FIFA and other games for every year, one copy per year, but I don’t buy a new game and wait until it’s 20p.



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