Time Crisis (Old Review)

You are the modern day cowboy, the best in the west, someone is kidnapped and it’s up to you to shoot down the enemies set before you. You are the lone sharpshooter, but you have little time to rescue the damsel because most developers didn’t know how to make an original story for games yet. This is Time Crisis, developed and published by Namco and was released in the arcades in 1996, but was released on the PlayStation the year later.

The game is set in Sercia where William McPhearson is elected to be the Sercian Republic’s President to overthrow a century-old authoritarian regime. But the last survivor of the old regime, Sherudo Garo, is planning a devious plan to restore the old order and causes chaos to the country, kidnaps McPhearson’s daughter Rachel and imprisons her in the family castle, so William calls The V.S.S.E. for help and assigns the one man army, Richard Miller to restore peace to the land of Sercia.

You play as Richard Miller, armed with only a pistol and an unlimited amount of bullets as you infiltrate the island and shoot away Mad Dog’s goons, who is Garo’s head of security. In the game, you walk around, get to cover, get out of cover and shoot as much enemies as you can before you need to reload by getting back into cover. You’ll have some health and if you lose them, you die and need to add 20p, or have a limited amount of credits if you’re playing the PS1 port.

Time Crisis is a rail shooter and a light gun shooter, meaning you use a gun to shoot enemies down when you play the arcade version, I’m playing the PlayStation port…without a light gun, you see, the light gun peripheral only works on CRT TVs, but doesn’t work on HDTVs, but I could play the game with the controller…and it ends up being harder with one due to moving the dot being slow and inaccurate, but I’m not going to criticise the game for that. The game is fun but hard, either because of getting hit at random, for example, you’re out of cover and hundreds of bullets come flying into your face and maybe one of them might hit you, and the fact that you have so much little time left, especially in the later stages and boy does it get tense, which makes sense because it’s called Time Crisis. The music fits the game so well, an action, heart-pounding modern western shoot out. The graphics in the arcade game hasn’t aged well, but the PlayStation port has aged even worse, everything is blocky and poorly pixelated.

Overall, it’s a fun light gun game, though I would recommend the arcade port since if you’re playing it on MAME, you can use your mouse which would be very accurate, or find a machine for the ultimate experience, but if you have a CRT TV and a light gun and this game, you should be alright. However, most of you threw away yours like I did years ago so again, I’d recommend finding the arcade machine, I really need to find a CRT TV.

You can get it on the Arcade and the PlayStation.

Rating: 3.5/5



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