MCM London Comic Con May 2015 Gaming and Random Pickups (Old Post)

Well as promised, a pickups blog. So yesterday (or as of this date) I went to the MCM London Comic Com with a friend. I had a great time with many people cosplaying in fantastic gear, if you’re nerdy and geeky, chances are you would enjoy it. It was packed to the brim with people and it was difficult getting to where I wanted to go, but it was still fun to walk around for 6 1/2 hours (it was not). But the sole reason I went there was the game collecting and here are the games and even other things I picked up.


This was the last thing on my mind and I just happened to find one, an Atari 2600 (well the Jr), it was £25 and came with the cables and a joystick that way too stiff to use so I may need a replacement, but you can use a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis controller with it (I’m not joking). I also got 6 games with it, £3 for five of them, one was free, a fantastic find. The six games I got was Space Invaders, Jr Pac Man, Sprint Master, Decathlon and Centipede. The only one that didn’t work was Real Sports Volleyball, you see, I had to clean the carts to get them to work, for some reason this cart had some weird border in it so I couldn’t get into the chip and clean it, deeming it useless, or just for show, the most painful thing about it was that was the one I brought. But a decent set of games and 5 out of 6 games working isn’t that bad.


So I finally got an NES…and it doesn’t work properly, blinking light issues, though at one point it did work for one game, then I tested another, and it didn’t work, put the other game in and it didn’t again, so I have a non-working NES that cost £45 from a stall that said it was tested YOU LYING BA….

So my only option is to use that NES to SNES adaptor for now, until then, I need to find someone to fix it because I don’t want to buy another bloody NES (maybe from Car Boot Sales which I plan to go to…oh, to the others in different countries, car boot sales are stalls in an area where you can park your car and you can sell things from your car…NO, it’s not suspicious, it’s a British tradition, like Yard sales in America).

But I did get 3 NES games which I could only test on my adaptor, I got Captain Skyhawk for a fiver, Defender of the Crown for £4 and Power Blade for £6.

I also got three Sega Master System games I forgot to take pictures of but they consisted of Sonic Chaos for a fiver, Disney’s Aladdin for £3 and Xenon 2 for £3.


I then got one Sega Mega Drive and one Sega Genesis game for £3 each, consisting of The Lion King and Streets of Rage 2, a game I’ve wanting to pick up physically for ages.


I got one Game Boy game, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for £5, great find, I played it and I really enjoy it.


And finally, I got Guilty Gear: XX Accent Core Plus for the PSP for only £1, I don’t know what the heck I picked up but it was cheap so there you go.

And that’s about it for games, but I did buy other stuff too, mostly Dragon Ball Z related, starting with:


A Funko Pop! – Goku, as I’ve been looking for this one for ages until someone had one for £15.


Dragon Ball Z Season 4-9 – And this is where most of my money went to, if Kai’s Japanese sub haven’t been uploaded yet, might as well just buy the DVDs, I already have Season 1-3 so I’ve practically finished finding these episodes on DVD, but now I got to look for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT.

And that’s it. I may not go back there for a while since my friend is going to university and he knows more about how to get there than I could ever know. But I think it was a good day to find what I wanted, except for the fact that the games I really wanted to get were too damn expensive. Oh well, there’s always car boot sales.


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