10-Yard Fight (NES) (Old Review)

Football games, I’m ok at it. Golf games, love them. Tennis, I’m quite good depending on what tennis game it is. American Football however, I’m terrible at it. Possibly because I have no idea what the rules are, all the tactics nor how the controls for some work.

But there is only one that’s bearable for me, and that’s 10- Yard Fight or Ten Yado Faito in Japanese, released in 1983 it was developed and published by Irem in Japan but was eventually released in the US by Taito and EU by Electrocoin, it was considered to be the first (kind of) realistic American Football game ever developed and released for the time (And possibly my first sports game ever reviewed on this very blog).

The game is shown in a birds eye view and you scroll up. There are 9 players in each team, they run in a row vertically to get to your goal post while avoiding your opponents. When you start, you will always catch the ball to start the game, you can run with the quarterback, toss it to a running back or throw the ball to a player far away, called the opinion offense. When you do eventually get bundled you go to defense mode, this is where you throw the ball to your team member, you can either try to run to the goal post or throw it to another player. When you eventually get a touchdown, you will get a chance to kick it in the goal, an arrow will move, you pretty much wait until it’s pointing to inside the goal, once you kick it in you start the next stage.

There are 5 difficulties, from easy to difficult, there’s the High School level, College level, Professional level, Playoff level and eventually Super Bowl level. Every level will have 2 halves, with an 30 minutes each in real time only accelerated.

Overall, this is a fun and very simple American Football game, and that’s just perfect for me, it’s a basic version of American Football, there have been other games before this and I’ve never played those but I’m sure they had their unique features like 10-Yard Fight. The game play is pretty much simple, it’s a game that you can easily pick up and play with a friend. There are no select plays for either offense or defense or any realistic tactics, so it’s not for people who are pros at the Madden games as they might think it’s incredibly dated compared to games released after that, which is in my opinion, it might have been realistic at the time, but we have Madden and other games similar to that, but if you want to play Madden games but want some basic practice, this is the game for you.

You can get it on the Arcade, NES and MSX

Rating: 4.5/5



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