Top 10 Microsoft Xbox Games I Want to Play

When Microsoft announced that they were releasing a games console, people thought it was going to fail, a computer company making a games console was absurd at the time. Then we saw the games like Halo and let’s just say it was successful…though probably second to the PS2, it was a grown-up console…for boys. Yeah, my problem with this is that it was mostly marketed to boys, with a plethora of FPSes and sports games, alienating everyone else (though no two gamers are the same, no matter what gender you are). The console though was successful enough to get an Xbox 360 and finally the latest and controversial Xbox One.

I got a crystal Xbox for a tenner. The console is HUGE and HEAVY, it doesn’t push around, and I think that’s a problem, it’s too bulky and just ugly, a better design would have been better, but at least the ginormous controller fits in my big hands very well.

My problem is that like the GameCube, the good games are expensive, but the FPSes and sports games are as low as 20p (if you’re looking in CeX) and I have a huge stack of them and it’s kind of annoying, why did I buy the games? It’s cheap, better now than never…and for collective purposes, got to record them on Retro Collect.

Overall, I don’t really care for it, I mostly got the console for Halo, and even that was boring. There’s no game I have that I want to play yet, but here’s a list anyway (And no Halo 2 because I wasn’t fond of the first game and probably won’t be fond of any other games in the series in the future…so for anyone who questions why I’m missing those two games).

10. Blinx: The Time Sweeper – a game made by the same guy who made the Sonic games? Should be good right? RIGHT? Prices go from £3.

9. Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth – Now this is an interesting game, this was a recommendation from the few people who actually played the game, I’ve seen a few gameplay clips and I still don’t know what I’m going up against, but I hope that it’s worth it. Prices go from £10.

8. Conker: Live and Reloaded – Seeing as the original game is too expensive, this should be fine to play for the time being…WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS VERSION IS CENSORED, NINTENDO HAS MORE BALLSTHAN YOUR MASTER CHIEF, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Sorry, here’s the real 8.

8. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball – ………just curious as all…ok in all seriousness, I have a bone to pick with this one, I really want to review this, let’s just say, I have nothing nice to say to Tecmo. Prices go from £5, good deal for the pervs.

7. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – I really want to be invested in this series, but it’s mostly 60% of walking around, do I want to do this for an hour? Only if it’s a Sci-Fi…no Destiny. Prices go from £10.

6. Jet Set Radio Future – I’ve played the first game and it was great, the sequel according to some gamers is near enough similar but it’s worth a try. Prices go from £10.

5. Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee – This is something to put on the stack until I play the first two Oddworld games, I know little about the game but it’s an interesting series. Prices go from £3.

4. Psychonauts – Considered an underrated classic, I had the game on PC and played an hour of it and I liked what I played, I sold it for no reason, but hopefully the console version is just as good as the PC port. Prices go from £13.

3. Tecmo Classic Arcade – More compilations, with arcade games years before the discovery of breast physics. Prices go from £7.

2. ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth – I could have played the unreleased Dreamcast port but maybe the Xbox port improved from the unreleased original, probably the last game ToeJam & Earl has appeared in, this looks like it’s faithful to the original, but does that ever go well? At least we’re getting a true sequel. Prices go from £5.

1. Half-Life 2 – I don’t care if I got the game on PC…I FOOKIN LOVE HALF-LIFE 2!!! I really need to review this game but every time I play it I just stop. I really need to take the time to beat this game. Prices go from £4.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Microsoft Xbox Games I Want to Play

  1. I agree with you that walking around in the ES games can be tedious, but at least with Morrowind there are more random and neat things to be found while mucking about in the over-world.

    One of my favorite things was when I left the starting town and started down the path and heard this guy die. After looking around for a short period I found some dude in robs and these things called “Scrolls of Icarian flight” you can guess how that scroll worked out. XD

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