Top 10 PlayStation 2 Games I Want To Play

Next is the PlayStation 2, one of the greatest game consoles of all time, from 2000 to 2013, it has beaten every console that stood before it, like the Dreamcast, Xbox and the GameCube, it toppled everyone and over 2000 games were released in Europe alone. I got a 60GB PS3 (the one that wasn’t able to play PS3 games, go figure) and it played most of the PS2 games, but that console died but I had a new PS3 anyway, I later got a PS2 slim for £35, very cheap, so that’s story’s done. I have the PS2 slim Silver, I’m trying to get the original version (hopefully for import purposes), the slim version is compact but powerful, it looks nice but very rectangular and unappealing compared to the PS3 slim. The controller is the same as the PS1 dual stick controller, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

10. Manhunt 1 & 2 –  With Hatred on the way (unfortunately), why don’t I play a game that looks even more gruesome and was released years before Hatred and has reasons for your actions…I think? I don’t know, you’re killing criminals least you’re killing bad people. Prices go from £2.50-£8.

9. We Love Katamari – If you have a fun game about rolling a sticky ball and sticking literally anything on it the bigger the ball is,chances are it’s a Japanese game, this was a sequel to Katamari Damacy, a game never released in EU but at least we got a game than nothing. Prices go from £18.99.

8. Sly Raccoon 1-3 – This is like taking 3D platforming with Splinter Cell, though not as realistic as that, but it’s one of those series that gamers used to play and moan about how games like this will never get made. Prices go from £10 and under.

7. Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2 – So with a new Battlefront coming our way (which I’m not excited about it since the game is still being developed) I would like to play the Battlefront games, where you take control of any character that uses a gun or a lightsaber and blast away and swing all enemies and heroes. Great stuff! Prices go from £4.50-£7.

6. Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2 – I got volume 1 and it’s great, but trying to find volume 2 is so difficult, and it’s the one that has the first Street Fighter game, without it I can’t review Street Fighter 2. Prices go from£10.

5. Maximo – I played this for a bit but became disinterested in it as it…oh if I can sell this and other games I could get this 1 mediocre PS3 game…this was many years ago, now I regret it, but it’s inexpensive anyway. This game is part of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins universe so it’s going to be difficult because Ghosts ‘n Goblins I guess. Prices go from £2.

4. Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 – I really want to get into the Final Fantasy series (the old games first, then maybe the new ones), hopefully a Final Fantasy game with Disney characters could introduce me to the tone of the series, as in, miserable silent people who brood every five seconds, am I right? Prices go from £5-£6.

3. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 –  I love Dragon Ball Z (I’ve watched until the Evil Buu Saga), I got the first two games but not the third one yet, and for those who want to know about the series without watching 10 episodes of one fight, this is the best summarisation in years…until Kai showed up. I would like to find the Special Edition game since it has the Japanese dub and I’ve grown to love it. Prices go from £10.

2. Ico – I know nothing about the game…and I think that’s how I like it until I play it. Prices go from £10.

1. Shadow of the Colossus – Thanks Internet for spoiling the ending,can’t go anywhere without seeing it, but this is one of those games where the game feels massive, one small fry versus giant monsters, and you have to kill it…what’s more to love. Prices go from…£20


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