Top 10 Nintendo GameCube Games I Want to Play

How about another Top 10, this time with my favourite console but with games that are way too expensive for me, the Nintendo GameCube. This small box of a console was the new way to play Nintendo games, with its new controller, new graphics and a whole range of great games…tis a shame though it had to be released at a time when the Sony PlayStation 2 ruled them all and left everyone being kicked into the dust. This sold well but not well enough (Sounds like the Wii U), everyone had a PS2 (and I still had a PS1) and not even the Mario games were going to help. It’s a well treasured console by many who did stick with Nintendo.

The console is small and compact, I like consoles like that, it’s purple cube (I have a black cube) design is very appealing, what I would call ‘cute’ (maybe that cute design put off many gamers), it even has a handle on the back so you can carry it anywhere. The discs are probably the one thing people remember about it, while Sony and Microsoft had DVD discs (though in the early days the PS2 games were on CDs), Nintendo finally used discs, though not just any discs, but special discs that were very small and big games had to be put in two discs, which was common for the time but not as common as the PS1 years, I like the small discs, though I wished the cases were smaller, it would make sense rather than wasting extra plastic.

The controller is almost flawless, it has a great analog stick, the C buttons from the N64 is now a secondary analog stick which is great, I’m not into the shoulder buttons as it feels off and the A, B, X and Y button design and placement aren’t to my liking since I’m used to the PlayStation button placement, but even with that you can get used to it.

Overall, this is my second favourite Nintendo consoles, it had the best games in that era, and it’s overall design such as the console and the controller is very appealing, I got mine in a games shop for £7 without controllers but I had some already for the Wii.

10. Wario World – Ah Wario, the lovable fat git who probably has Diabetus with all the plethora of sugar he intakes, surprisingly most of his games he’s starred in are pretty good, and Warioland has a good following, it’s a short adventure but it’s a Treasure game…can’t argue with that. Prices go from £16.

9. Resident Evil – Now I already have the first game on the PS1, the remake is supposedly better than the original in terms of graphics, music and acting? But from what I’ve heard, the controls are the same…uhh! Prices go from £7-£10.

8. Pikmin 1 & 2 – So you control Olimar the Slave Master (apparently he’s an astronaut too), he crash lands in a planet and his ship needs fixing, he then meets various Pikmin, he calls all of them Toby and all the Tobies must fix his ship, some may die but it’s for a good cause…I think that’s what the story is. Prices go from £6-£34.

7. P.N. 03 – So a gun game starring a hyperactive main character who can never stop moving…sounds like Capcom’s laughing stock among other things. Prices go from £10.

6. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! – A very unique feature for a very unappreciated game in the Mario Kart series. Having two people in a car sounds gimmicky at first and you know what…it is! But it’s Mario Kart for crying out loud. Prices go from £15.

5. F-Zero GX – F-Zero was great, F-Zero X was amazing, fast paced racing at a cocaine fuelled level, hopefully GX does it better and fast…wait, Sega was involved in this? Prices go from £22.

4. Luigi’s Mansion – Another short game but a much loved one, Mario’s skinny brother finally got his own game, and it was a spooky game, so winning a house and Mario getting kidnapped by ghoulies is the least of your problems, now Luigi’s a self-employed Ghostbuster with his vacuum cleaner…and this is why I love Nintendo. Prices go from £15-£16.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – I really like the Zelda series, but they’re very long, but I don’t have a problem with that. Anyway, here’s a 2D multiplayer game in which you can get 3 other players in a team death match against all the enemies. Sadly, Nintendo said ‘SCREW YOU’ to online capabilities. Prices go from £40.

2. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – The PS1 had Resident Evil, the PS2 had Silent Hill 2 and the Xbox had…more FPSes, but the GameCube had this freaky piece of genius, a survival horror Nintendo fans have longing for a sequel…it was being developed…but the development side it hasn’t gone down well for many…many reasons. I don’t know a lot about the game…and I think that’s the best place to start with. Prices go from £15.

1. Super Smash Bros Melee – I’m totally ashamed that I haven’t got this game, since this is totally essential for anyone who has a GameCube. This game has since become a fan favourite, maybe it will be replaced by the Wii U port, I’m already saving up for a Wii U because the PS4 isn’t exactly appealing to me anymore, but in the meantime, I’ll try to find Melee and experience an important game for this superb console. Prices go from £20-£25.


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