Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Games I Want To Play (Part 2 – The List)

Dreamcast logo.svg

10. Dynamite Cop – Finally, a full 3D arcade beat ’em up, and it looks pretty decent, you can either use your fists or a vast amount of weaponry to defeat your enemies, it’s over-the-top fun I ain’t ever seen from Sega. In Japan it’s a sequel and their first game was released as Die Hard Arcade. Prices go from £15.

9. Bangai-O – Oh No! The Nintendo 64 port was never released outside of Japan…Oh Yes! It was ported to the Dreamcast, there’s always a shining light at the end of the gaming tunnel…anyway, many gamers say this game is recommended to play so I look forward to playing this. Prices go from £20-£25.

8. Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 – I’ve already got the port on the PlayStation 2, and it’s underwhelming, I did play it on a real arcade machine in an airport. I love Crazy Taxi, it’s wild and it knows it, I mean you actually get cash for causing mayhem, whereas in Grand Theft Auto, that mayhem is a little too realistic. Prices go from £6-£20.

6. Gunbird 2 – I’m an on and off person when it comes to shoot ’em ups, when I want to play it I want to play Gunbird 2, it just looks like the wild fast-paced shooter I would enjoy. Prices go from £30.

5. Virtua Tennis – Yep, a sports game, a rarity of these kinds of lists, but I like Tennis games when they’re done right, not blocky broken games of Tennis from the PlayStation, this game looks like a fun simple game of tennis, with better mechanics and smoother gameplay, if you like sports, try it out, I haven’t yet but whatever, NEXT! Prices go from £4.

4. Soul Calibur – You can’t have a Dreamcast without a Soul game, or Soul Calibur, I played Soul Blade and that is the boss on the PlayStation, the Dreamcast port is an accurate port of the original arcade, it looks better than Soul Blade, let’s hope it plays as good as Soul Blade. Prices go from £5.

3. Phantasy Star Online – I’ve played a bit of all of the Phantasy Star games on the Mega Drive, even on the Master System, this looks like the series’ next step into 3D and wants to show off its online capabilities, it was ahead of its time and whilst you can’t go online with this anymore, there’s still single player. Prices go from £8-£10.

2. Power Stone I & II – I had this on the PSP years ago…and I sold it, stupid me, but then again I’m not a fan of fighting games on handheld since it’s more difficult to find someone else who had it, anyway, it’s a proper 3D fighting game, it’s like a full 3D open environment Super Smash Bros, they’re fantastic games and I would like to play these strange games again. Prices go from £11-£30.

1. Shenmue I & II – and here we see two of the most ambitious games ever made for the system, games that were supposed to save the console but only ended up killing it…along with the PlayStation 2, this was an open world movie like adventure…it’s a lot of things, but it’s a legend for this, the most expensive game made for its time, I look forward to finding an affordable copy of both these games, or just watch the movie since that’s what most of the games consist of. Prices go from £25-£50. Damn it all eBay.


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