The Every Gamer is Going to London Comic Con

London Comic Con

I’ve gone twice in a row and now I’m going for a third time to the London Comic Com on Saturday 23rd May…which is about 6 days time and hopefully the train strike IS on Monday. For those who don’t know the MCM London Comic Con is a convention for Movies, TV, Anime, Manga, Comics Western/Eastern Culture and Games. We got cosplayers, we got celebrities from your favourite shows and movies, but I mostly go for the games and I’ve been successful in what I want to find, but this year I want my gaming find to be more successful, I would like to find an NES or a Famicom, find a Neo Geo Pocket for good measure, hopefully some games I wanted to play and find, if you see my top 10 lists then you’ll understand, maybe a working Sega Game Gear, though I doubt it and a Funko POP! Goku for good measure. Hopefully on the 24th May I’ll be posting what I got from the Con and maybe talk about my experience on the day. I started going there two years ago with my friend, this maybe the last trip for him since he’s going to University, I maybe able to return next year (and I want to).

For those who are interested, here’s the link for the Con:

And for those who are going, have fun!


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