The PlayStation Anniversary Review: Top 10 PlayStation 4 Games I Want to Get (Especially Play)

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I think I’m ready for a PS4, though I’m still iffing and arring (British term for ‘shall I or shall I not’) but there are games that I really want to play but I can only get if I get a PS4. But then Sony went and did a Microsoft, so now a PlayStation Plus account is needed to play multiplayer games I think. I wanted to get the 20th Anniversary model…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON!!! So here are some games I would like to play.

Honorable Mentions: Batman: Arkham Knight – Of course it’s here because it hasn’t been released yet, but I probably won’t get it until there is a Game of the Year edition because WB Games is taking the complete mickey out of us stupid gamers, I buy into patience. I did say that I wasn’t going to look forward to this game because it is on PS4, but because I want to get the console that hatred is gone, but yeah I’ll wait for a DLC on disc edition. Same goes for Mortal Kombat X, only this is already released, you have to pay for easy fatalities and that bloomin’ season pass. I’ve seen most of the fatalities and…damn! and Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, give this game a mention too, it’s embarrassing WB it’s embarrassing, I have a warn a brother about you.

10. Shadow Warrior – Based on a classic FPS starring Duke Nukem’s east Asian cousin Lo Wang (Is he accounting for something?), this is a remake of it and to everyone’s surprise…it’s actually good, yep, the game that is less popular than the most anticipated game ever made is a much better game than the the most anticipated game ever made. Sign me up for some awesome wang action…whoops, I mean some awesome dong…FUUUU…

9. Watch Dogs – Yes, as much as it was completely disappointing to the rest of the gamers around the world, I’m still intrigued about the game despite being a bloody Ubisoft game, you can hack stuff and…you can hack stuff and…you can hack…

8. Little Big Planet 3 – Sackboy, our favourite black toy (well he is coloured brown, he’s mah homeboy ya’ll…you can tell I’m too British for this), in a new game where we do the same thing with better features, like Unity but less aggravating. He also has three new friends to spice up the gameplay too. I’ve only played the first game and the PSP port and like Super Smash Bros for 3DS I spent hours on the PSP version making terrible, terrible levels. Little Big Planet, showing us that 50% of us have no talent for this…:(

7. infamous: Second Son – Oh boy, another inFamous game in which we play as a young kid who can manipulate smoke, neon, video, and concrete…sadly no electricity…well see ya Cole. I don’t know, I’ve only played the first one so I don’t know the full story.

6. Wolfenstein: The New Order – Once again thanks to Team Fortress 2 for giving me back the love and kind of tolerance for first-person shooters…so, another hero from the 90’s with a game that’s actually good, does Duke Nukem have a chance again? Probably not, but at least this game does things differently like altering the Nazi tale where they win and the main character has…personality, it seems William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is the only character from the 90’s, along with Lo Wang that evolved very well. Props to you id, now I’m looking forward to Doom.

5. J-Stars Victory VS+ – I read Manga from time to time, mostly Yu-Gi-Oh! before children’s card games, I read a bit of Naruto, and some Dragon Ball. I want to get this becauseĀ Goku is in it, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is in it, one of my favourite animes I watched as a child andĀ Fist of the North Star, the first anime I watched that contain high amounts of violence.

4. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – I’ve played the first one (and I made sure I got the Game of the Year Edition) and it’s pretty good, but man can it get hard in some missions. The Handsome Collection contains the sequel and The Pre-Sequel along with all the DLC content. It will be a lovely day…it fits!

3. Alien: Isolation – Aliens: Colonial Marines was a generic FPS that nearly killed any chance of me playing FPSes ever again. Alien: Isolation at least puts the effort of making it an Alien experience from the get go and is based of the first Alien film. It’s the last Sega publushed game that pretty much good.

2. Dragonball Xenoverse – The single reason why I wanted the console. If I want a decent Dragon Ball experience, it has to be played on the latest console. So the story is basically Dragon Ball Z but someone has changed time and altered the stories. And come on! You can make your own character, mine’s a black super saiyan.

1. Bloodborne – The only essential PS4 game for anyone, from From Software…yeah! It’s Dark Souls again but at least it’s the only better triple A title and it’s from Japan. Oh, this is going to be a difficult experience but no game is too hard for me…ok I lied.


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