Every Doctor Who Review


So I’ve done well with game reviews, how about reviewing a show that made me a fan of something, Doctor Who. I started in 2005 when it came back, I remember the billboards of The Doctor and Rose and it intrigued me even though I didn’t know what it was about. On that Saturday, I watched it as I was switching channels and that’s when I got into the show. After many years of the new series, I started to question: What’s the classic series been like? and the first DVDs I brought from the classic series was Genesis of the Daleks and The Brain of Morbius and I became a more fan of the classic series, maybe because ever since Steven Moffat took over and ever since Series 6 it has been very disappointing when it comes to some of the stories.

An this is why I want to make another blog, this time on reviewing Doctor Who episodes and talk about Doctor Who things, anything from both classic and new and maybe in-between. My first review will be of course An Unearthly Child and when Series 9 airs I’ll review episodes from that series. The way the reviews will be done is that I do an introduction as usual, then tell you what the story is about, there may be spoilers so keep that in mind, then what I think about it.

The release date for this will hopefully be June.


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